November 10, 2011


Welcome to Gamer Chronic…

Me if I were a zombie…

My name is Herbert Buds McGee but I go by ‘Buds‘ for short. I started this site because I wanted to combine my passion for gaming and psychedelics with a need to warn people about the impending zombie apocalypse!


Now you might snicker that I’m probably paranoid about zombies because “I’ve smoked too much weed” but even if the zombie apocalypse never comes, environmental and political catastrophe aren’t too far behind.


Prepare now before its too late!


Included on the site are two basic cultivation guides. One is for cannabis, the other is for magic mushrooms. These simple guides will walk you through everything you need to complete a successful growOnce you understand the fundamentals of growing you can start learning more advanced techniques found in the GROWING section…

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