August 10, 2014

Growing Magic Mushrooms – The B+ Strain – A Beginners Choice

The B+ Strain



Dear Buds, I just started getting into Magic Mushrooms, What is the best strain for a beginner?


b+_huge2That is a question I often come across and without a doubt my answer is always the B+ Strain. Why? Because it is proven to be one of the most versatile cubensis around, this hearty strain quickly adapts and grows in a wide range of temperatures, conditions and substrates. You will notice quickly notice the grit at which it spreads its mycelium. On top of this if you want to capture and store some mushrooms spores for the future, the B+ strain is a very heavy spore depositor.

The B+ Strain originated here at from The Hawks Eye spore supplier in 1999 and is still carried with the original genetics today. The B+ Strain has been seen to grow outdoors and to keep fruiting continuously over wildly fluctuating temperatures and climates. Growers the world over have only good things to say about the strain because of how easy it grows, and how beautiful it fruits as well as its overall effects.


B+ Strain Characteristics

While the B+ Strain not a super fast colonizer and has a slow and steady pace, but it will produce some very large mushrooms that are usually a caramel color. This caramel color is quite noticeable when growing out in a natural setting with cooler temperatures. The caramel coloring will cover the caps and stems. Stems can be quite thick, with large accompanying caps. It also drops a very thick veil. When grown in warmer temperatures the colors move towards a more golden hue.





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