July 22, 2014

Which Brands? Top Potting Soils for Cannabis

Best Cannabis Soil Brands

Real growers only want the best for their plants! Of course starting your cannabis plants in the best soil possible will have a direct impact on your final buds. With so many brands of soil available, picking the right brand and for the right price, can become challenging.

If you’ve failed with other brands of potting soil or are just starting a couple new plants, here are three great potting soils that will help grow your chronic buds. All of these brands can be used as a base for mixing your own batch of Super Soil.



FoxFarm Potting Soil1. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Average Price: $15-35 Per 1.5 Cubic foot Bag of Soil

Ingredients: Composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, Pacific Northwest sea-going fish, crab meal, shrimp meal, earthworm castings, vermicultural compost, sandy loam, perlite, fossilized bat guano, granite dust, Norwegian kelp meal and oyster shell.

FoxFarm is a great brand that is committed to using high quality natural ingredients. 100% organic, this mix remains nice and airy with excellent penetration of water into the soil, that with repeated watering won’t compact the soil. 




Roots 707 Soil2. Roots Organics Formula 707

Average Price: $25-30 Per 3.0 Cubic feet

Ingredients: Coarse peat, coco fiber, compost, perlite, pumice, worm castings, bat guano, fish bone meal, soybean meal, feather meal, and kelp meal.

Another favorite for potted plants is the Roots Organics Formula 707. A unique blend with less pumice and perlite than other brands, allowing for exceptional water retention.

Gardeners in arid areas will find this soil very useful! This nutrient packed soil will keep heavy feeding plants fed for up to one month before fertilizer is needed. Plants with medium to low nutrient requirements will thrive all summer without fertilizer. I prefer to use the Formula 707 blend for my potted tomato plants as well. This soil keeps moist even during the hottest of days!



Sunshine_Advanced_Mix_4_3. Sunshine Advanced Mix 4

Average Price: $20-35 per 3.0cu ft.

Ingredients: Made from sustainably harvested Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, horticultural perlite and coir (a by-product of the coconut industry). Dolomitic lime, multiple strains of mycorrhizae and an organic wetting agent.

Sunshine Advanced Mix 4 is not your typical potting soil. This unique organic mix will expand to double the size when broken apart, giving you 6cu ft of potting mix.

Choosing this potting mix is a great way to get more for your money. This water retaining soil mix will feed your plants for three weeks before a fertilizer is needed. The unique potting mixture stimulates root growth and allows for the highest aeration a soil can offer. I have just started using this soil mix and the results have been fantastic. Although a stricter fertilizer schedule is needed, Sunshine Advanced Mix 4 is a great alternative to traditional potting soils.


Just remember, if you don’t do it right, you’ll most likely be doing it twice! With these top potting soils, you’ll definitely be doing it right! Thanks for reading… 


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  • Lauren

    October 20, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    All of the soils you list in your list of the top three are based on Peat Moss. You might consider recommending a coco coir based soil mix.

    • Buds McGee

      October 26, 2015 at 4:15 am

      That’s a great point that I overlooked. The acquisition of peat moss can cause environmental damage. Coco coir is a much more renewable and environmentally friendly. Thanks for the comment! It would be great to see these brands make the switch. Also, mixing your own soils is a great option and a great learning experience.