June 4, 2013

Basic Bong Cleaning Skills – Keep your Piece Sparkling

Bong cleaning should definitely be on your know-how list. For much of my adult smoking life I neglected my bongs and pipes. Letting the water and glass get dirty and sticky with resin.

We all know that familiar dirty bong smell which has ruined plenty of good carpets. Cleaning a bong should be done as often as possible as nothing hits or tastes quite as well as a sparkling clean bong.


Cleaning Bong


Basic Bong Cleaning

What You’ll Need

  • Dish Soap
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol)
  • Epsom Salt or Sea Salt (Big Crystals) 

1. Place your dirty bong or pipe in sink/sealable container/plastic bag and fill with warm soapy water. Allow your piece to sit and soak completely submerged in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. This will loosen up any caked on resin.

2. Rinse out as much of the resin you can in the hot sudsy water before rinsing off your piece. Fill your bong half full of rubbing alcohol along with 3 tablespoons of Epsom or sea salt.

3. Plug your stem and mouthpiece and shake your bong rigorously. You will begin to the chunks or resin break off into into the rubbing alcohol. Rince and repeat until your bong is clean.

Bong Cleaning

Bong Cleaning Tips & Maintenance 

  • Cleaning a bong is easier the more often you do it and keeps resin and bacteria at bay. 
  • Once your bong is clean just use soap and warm water to maintain the clean. 
  • Try cleaning your bong every 6 to 8 bowls for best results.
  • Use a childs toothbrush or Q-tips to clean any hard to reach places.
  • Replace with clean bong water after every smoke session.


Other Bong Cleaning Formulas

Have your own bong cleaning formula? Sound off below and leave a comment!


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