August 9, 2014

Bug Out Bag Essentials – Are you packed?

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Your stuck in the midst of a crisis and your thinking ” I need to get out of here!”, but you haven’t packed a Bug Out Bag, maybe you never got the chance to pick one out, or never figured you’d need one. Personally since I KNOW the zombies are coming, I’ve got to have one!

A Bug Out Bag is not a once size fits all thing. Inevitably everyone’s bag ends up being a bit different BUT will always contain items from 12 essentials categories. Perhaps the hardest part of putting a Bug Out Bag together is first creating the checklist of items your going to pack .

Simple is always best here as you may be tempted to fill your bag with supplies for all types of situations, making your bag heavy and slowing you down. The properly packed Bug Out Bag should give you everything you need to live for 3 days at a minimum, your that as a framework creating your  checklist.


12 Essential Elements of packing a Bug Out Bag

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Water is essential to any humans survival so you NEED to have a plan for having some. Obtaining fresh water and treating it if you need, allows you to quench your thirst without worrying about catching a disease that may give you horrendous cramps and run, in the best case.

Recommended Items:



A lot of people are eager to recommend their own what foodstuffs to take, mostly off-the-shelf, dehydrated, store-bought items. Though bringing a balance of non-perishable food items  (some that might require water and some that don’t) seems best. The important thing to remember is that you’ll want enough food to last three days at least. For heat-resistance and durability, use metal cooking utensils and cookware.


food prepping



Use your clothes in a way that you can strategically layer them to maintain healthy body temperature at all times. Buging out in style should not be a concern, or at least nowhere near the top.

Your clothes selection will obviously depend on location, climate, seasons, ect. Try evaluate your bug out bag every six months. Swap out the clothes if necessary.

Bring at least two changes of clothes to ensure you always have a dry set to wear.  Lastly bring something that can keep you dry should the circumstances arise. The last thing you want is to be wet and cold.  Besides, dying of hypothermia might be easier than you think.



Like I’ve said before, a good nights sleep is well worth it. Being well-rested, both mentally and physically, is very important when things get sketchy. Sacking out on a pile of leaves covered with a blanket isn’t my idea of deep rest. You’ll see the items here are simple, compact and lightweight, which makes a better nights sleep even easier.



Having the means for starting a fire is a heaven sent in a crisis, and in many cases is essential to survival. Carrying multiple sources of heat means that you have a back up if you have any problems. I’d say have at least 3 different means of starting a fire on your bug out bag list of items to pack.



Just keep it simple for your Bug Out Bag.

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Personal hygiene often gets overlooked when compiling a bug out bag list of essential items. But the consequences of skiping any of these items for an extended period of time can lead to bacterial infections, and from there its pretty much down hill. When bugging out, you need to bring your A-Game, so don’t forget to pack these.



Now after weapons, this is the other category that is easy for people to go crazy over. But I can see why. Some the gadgets and things out there are super sweet. But literally every ounce of weight you carry has to be accounted for and understood. Figure out what you absolutely need then, forget the rest.



Illumination is something I recommend having back up for in all instances as well. If you lose one, you have another to take its place. The items here also have multiple uses, but they all serve the same purpose – helping guide you through a night of zombies hordes. It is nice to see what you’re doing or find where you’re going. You’ll also need extra batteries.



Having a communications tool is essential but keep it simple though.



Depending on the situation you find yourself in, these items might prove quite useful. Don’t leave home without carefully thinking these through first.



This is a controversial topic, and Self defense is something we should all give serious consideration. Having a good Bug Out Bag for the severest of circumstances is better equipped, but not over equipped to survive the most die circumstances. Whether you choose is your choice. If you decide not to carry a weapon, or for any reason not able to then a degree of self defense training is highly recommend. I’ll .



Almost done! These are items that didn’t necessarily fit into any of the other categories, but they’re very important to put in your bug out bag. I bet some of the items here will have you scratching your head, but I assure you, you’re going to want these items in your bug out bag.


Now, I’m not a certified experts, and my only aim was to provide you with some good advice on this topic of Bug Out Bags. As the Zombie epidemics hit the cities and suburbs, it may be best to get the hell out of there, but are you packed.

If you don’t know the essentials, your really going to Bug Out when SHTF!


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