January 20, 2016

DIY – LED Grow Box w/ Carbon Filter| Build Instructions

I’ve barely finished this Grow Box and already plan to build another.

DIY Grow Box

The Grow Box here isn’t perfect but it did get the job done.

On top of that, the Cannabis that came out of this Grow Box got me superiority faded.


VIEW: Northern Lights Grow Pics from this Grow Box.


Hopefully this Grow Box build gives you some ideas puff on and adapt in building your own personal Grow Box.



Video Overview

Materials, Tools & Cost

Piece Diagram

Assembly Steps

Conclusion & Tweaks


Video Overview

Materials, Tools & Cost

8″ Inline Fan, 8″ Tent Flange, 1.5″ Rubber Caster Wheels, 180 Watt LED Lamp, Eye Bolts, Lg. Roll Gorilla Tape, 1.5″ All Purpose Screws, Spray Paint, Mesh Screening, Silicone Adhesive, Wire Brad Nails, Wood Glue, 5 gal. Bucket w/ Lid, Weather Stripping, Heavy Duty (3x outlet) Extension Cord, 22oz – 40oz of Activated Carbon, (Panel) Air Filter, 2ft x4ft Plywood Panel, 2’x4′ MDF Board, 2x2x8 Studs1x4x8 Boards, 2ft x4ft Plywood Panel


VIEW:  LED Box Materials / Tools List (PDF Spreadsheet)^TOP




The HIGHEST estimated cost for this grow box is $300 or below. It will take you a weekend to build and does not require any previous carpentry experience. Alternatively, if you are interested in pre-build Grow Box/Tents, you can check out these (Pricey) Worm’s Way Kits.  ^TOP 


VIEW detailed LED Box Materials / Tools List (PDF)!



Piece Diagram

Box Pieces Diagram





Assembly Steps

Step 1 – Attach Piece #5 to #6. The edge with the attached #5 will become your Box’s Front End.  S1_Door StopS1_Door Stop connected

Step 2 – Mark a reference line, 1/4in. from piece #5. This is where your door fit in.

S3_ Reference Line Close

Step 3 – Create Box’s LEFT side support pillars.

S2_ Left PilarsS2_ Left Pilars Connected

Step 4 – Create Box’s RIGHT side support pillars.

S5_ Right PilarsS5_ Right Pilars ConnectedStep 5 – Attach pillars to Bottom Base piece #6

S4_ Attach Left Pilars FullS4_ Attach Left Pilars CloseS4_ Attach Left Pilars ConnectedS6_ Attach Right Pilars FullS6_ Attach Right Pilars CloseS6_ Attach Right Pilars ConnectedScrews1Step 6 – Attach piece #7 to Top of pillars. ^TOP

S8_ Attach Top FullS8_ Attach Top CloseS8_ Attach Top Attached

Step 7 – Build Light Trap. Use pieces #18 and #17 first to trap frame. Second, add internal pieces.

S10_ Slats outS9_ Vent Frame OpenS9_ Vent Frame ClosedS10_ Slats Inserted

Step 8 – Finish light trap (See Video Below) and insert into the Box frame. Make sure your light trap edges match the intake panel on the outside of the Box, and output side on the Box’s inside. ^TOP

S11_ Insert Vent to Frame

S11_ Vent Frame Inserted

Step 9 – Make 8″ diameter cut into piece #7 and build DIY Carbon Filter.

Box Top

Step 10 – Add siding pieces #2 and #3 to enclose Light Trap. Insert piece #14 to fill bottom space. ^TOP

S12_ Outside Vent Siding offS12_ Outside Vent On CloserS13_Cover Under Vent OpenS13_Cover Under Vent CoveredS14_ Inside Cab Vent Cover OffS14_ Inside Cab Vent Cover On


Step 11 – Modify Panel #4 to fit Power Cord

Step 12 – Attach pieces #10 and #9. Then cover Box Back and Right with panel #1.1 and #4^TOP

S15_ Frame Fills OutS15_ Frame Fills AttatchedS16_ Back Pannel OffS16_Back Pannel OnS17_ Right Pannel OffS17_ Right Pannel On

Step 13 – Seal outside Box Edges with heavy duty duct tape. ^TOP

Step 14 – Add wheels ^TOP

Step 15 – Finish and insert door. ^TOP

S18_ Final Door Off


The best aspect of this Grow Box, to me, is the added carbon filter which scrubbed out any cannabis smell. The carbon filter made the air in the room, in which the box was placed, noticeably fresh smelling. The height of the Grow Box could have been reduced by 6″ to 8″ in. or more. However the added room does give you the option of adding a bigger more powerful light. This Grow Box is definitely not stealth. Its heavy and bulky but the caster wheels make moving the box on flat, hard surfaces easy.

Finally, the door works, but isn’t an ideal solution. I was able to seal the door only by using a lot of heavy duty (Gorilla) duct tape to build up edges and cover any air/light leaks. A future approach to the door may using magnets and panda paper. A new door which isn’t clumsy and easier to seal is needed.



IMAG1109One tweak to the Grow Box I made was to lean a weight against the exhaust fan and add weather stripping around the fans bucket lid base. These steps absorbed the excess vibration caused by the cheap exhaust fan. By the end of the grow the weight seemed to have corrected the exhaust fan’s wobble, and it now runs near silent.




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