March 6, 2012

Anonymous? – Pre-Paid Cards, Cash & Money Orders

Pre-paid credit and gift cards offer the ability of staying anonymous like cash but with the speed of plastic. But truly staying  anonymous with pre-paid credit cards is much harder these days since the government has begun restricting their availability.

In America your options for a staying anonymous with a pre-paid credit or gift card that that also works internationally is very limited. 



Simon Gift Card

TESTED – Anonymous 

Only available to purchase at Simon Malls. The card costs $2.95 plus the amount you want to put on the card. The clerk may or may not ask for a phone number so have a fake one ready. If they do not ask for a number, it most likely means that your card has been automatically activated.

Once you have your Simon Card go online and fill out the address and name you want to use when making orders online. In some cases to register the care you will need to call a toll free number and talk to a out of country rep but are not required to give a social security number or government id.

Update: The SIMON Card no longer works internationally outside the United States.



TESTED – Anonymous 

If a simon mall is too far you can try and find the nfinanse card. These can only be purchased through certain locations often at gas stations. The card costs an extra $3 on top of the any amount you put on the card. As long as you don’t plan on reloading the card you don’t need any information beyond a name and address which makes staying anonymous that much easier. This card does not work internationally or overseas. 

Search for a nfinanse location near you.


Cards to Avoid:

  • Vanilla Visa – Does not work internationally. Requires I.D. at purchase. 
  • Green Dot – Requires Social Security to Activate. 


Money Orders & Cash

Most online seed banks will accept money orders or cash respectively. These option are the safest way of staying anonymous and don’t require having to go out of your way to find a pre-paid gift or credit card location. However transactions using cash or money orders take longer as you must send your money via snail mail first then wait for your order to be processed. There is also the risk of your money being lost in transit or having your cash payment snatched unscrupulousness individuals.


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Update: If you are looking for further anonymity consider using BitCoin




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