February 10, 2012

Cannabis Seeds

This page will give you a quick overview on the basic varieties of cannabis strains to help guide first time growers towards the best cannabis seeds that are right for them.


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Cannabis Strains



Adapted to the island weather of the tropics and equatorial latitudes sativas are tall and lanky making them historically unsuitable for most indoor growing. Pure sativas are known for their light green fluffy buds with fruity sweet aromas that boost you into energetic cerebral highs.  

Sativas can take the longest time to flower with a habit of guzzling nutrients which means they can require a lot of care and attention.
  • Cerebral Euphoric Highs
  • Sweet Fruity Aromas 
  • Tall and Lanky
  • Can be High Maintenance 
  • Best for Experienced and Advanced Growers 




Hailing from the high reaches of Central Asia notably the Himalayas and Tibeatian plateau indicas are short and bushy with comparably wider fan leaves. 

Adaptations crucial for its survival in often inhospitable arid climates indicas are know for forming enormous central bud colas that are dense and dark green with earthy skunky aromas that when smoked will put you into a deep narcotic “stuck on the couch” like stone.

  • Short and Bushy
  • Dank Musky & Skunky Smelling
  • Deep Hazy Stone 
  • Hearty and Easy to Grow
  • Best for Beginners and Novices  



Cannabis hybrids have both sativa and indica genetics and offer the best of both by being bred to carry the best traits like higher THC and pest resistance plus bigger buds with faster flowering times.

The majority of cannabis plants grown today are hybrids with breeders producing cannabis with traits specifically suited for different growing environments and buds that satisfy all different kinds of smokers tastes.  


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Types of Cannabis Seeds

When researching what strain of cannabis to grow pay close attention each strains’s specific growing requirements and make sure those requirements match your grow area and experience. Ordering seeds online is not as daunting as it sounds and there are many reputable online seed banks from which t o order. 

Top 3 McGee Picks – Cannabis Seed Banks:

  1. Seedsman
  2. Nirvana Seeds 
  3. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds


Regular Seeds

Cannabis SeedsWith regular seeds you always have the possibility of growing a male. Unless you plan on breeding you never ever want to see a male in your garden. Out of any pack of regular seeds you can count on about half being male. The benefit of regular seeds however is the ability produce good quality clones. Cloning from any other seed type besides regular can often result in hermaphroditic plants which are no good!  




Methods can now produce seeds that sprout female nearly 100% of the time. This is great because you don’t have to worry about a wasting any time on male plants. However with this added convenience feminized seeds will likely cost you much more than a pack of regular seeds. However with this added convenience feminized seed will most likely you much more then a pack of regulars.


Auto-Flower (Feminized)  

Breeders working with a species of cannabis known as ruderalis have developed cannabis strains that no longer need a 12 hour photo period to induce flowering and produce buds. This means all you need to do is plant the seeds, grow then harvest. No worrying your plants NOT flowering for any nooby reason means you are practically guaranteed bud!

Check out these Auto-flowering seeds which are good choices for hobbyists and beginners. 


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