August 4, 2014

Check it out: Dead Island 2 – PS4 Trailer

Dead Island 2



If you haven’t already seen the E3 trailer for Dead Island 2, it is definitely worth watching.  


The Breakout

Leaving the tropical island of Banoi from the first Dead Island, players are now going to be roaming the city plains of California. LA or Sanfrancisco? We don’t quite know yet. Now instead of the secluded depths of wild jungle, there will be houses, offices, and average folks trying to make it out alive in the middle of zombie apocalypse. The slip is that in Dead Island 2 lore, the whole state of California is a quarantine zone by the Government, leaving small pockets of people to scrap it out and fend off the zombie hordes.


Beating Back the UNdead

In the first Dead Island every round of ammo had to count, and creating new types of weapons made killing Zombies all the more interesting. Obviously there will be weapons in the new game–including an guns but, Dead Island 2 focuses on more on melee combat. You can skivy all sorts of freaky weapons from scavenged parts around the island, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to smashing some stinky zombies.  Though while something new to the series will be motorized weapons like chainsaws. One of the few drawbacks to using a chainsaw is that the intense growling hum of the saw itself  can draw more zombies, while also having to supply it gas. 

In the first game I though there was a certain flow to beating zombies over the head, though over all I could see how it might feel clunky to other players. The crazy powerful leg smack was both strange looking and powerful. You had to throw a few kicks in when fighting and time it right to get the most out of your melee fights. 

The word is that developers focused on making Dead Island 2 combat less realistic and more fun. Interested in seeing how this new addition to the Dead Island series will play out. 


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