February 15, 2012

Cultivate Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms have been cultivated and used ritually by individuals and cultures around the world for thousands of years. These sacred mushrooms have been revered for their mind bending trips, medicinal qualities and spiritual insights. However the true benefits of magic mushrooms are now only being realized by western science


The amazing variety and unique psychedelic qualities of magic mushrooms are connected by the active hallucinogenic compound known as psilocybin. For maximum shrooming effect magic mushrooms are best ingested as soon as picked. Know exactly where your shrooms are coming from and learn to grow and harvest your own fresh magic mushrooms today! 


If you are new to psychedelics it is recommended that you spend sometime learning and researching the effects of mushrooms before beginning any far out trips to the reaches of your mind and reality. It is best to start at low doses then work your way up. Mushroom trips can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours with effects ranging from light visuals and lots of laughing to a total loss of reality. It is always advised to trip only when you are in good mental states and are in a comfortable setting or with a trusted companion. 


Ready to start cultivating you own magic mushrooms for as little as $100 bucks? The entire process has been broken down and organized into the following categories below. Start and the top and work your way down.  


Elite Growers Guide