April 3, 2015

Grow Weed on a Smart Phone with the Edyn Garden Sensor

The Edyn garden sensor is coming and it may soon end the time when you still had to learn how to actually garden.

edyn garden sensor

The Edyn garden sensor is set to transform gardening in a big way, not only regular gardens with salad greens, but Mary Jane’s garden.

In the not too distant future you’ll simply be using your smart phone or tablet to tell you everything that is going on with your plants (water, nutrients, photo-sensitivity, pH, etc), yes… welcome to the connected garden.


The company spear heading this bold new frontier is Edyn, which was helped with a kickstarter campaign to the tune of $300,000. Now while sensors for gardens and farming isn’t anything new, until recently these sensors were consigned to the realm of corporate farms or costly home setups that required a high level of technical or programming expertise. The Edyn garden sensor will hopefully change all that and bring growing into the age of smartphones and connected devices.

Edyn-02Best of all, the creator of the Edyn garden sensor is very familiar with medical cannabis and has optimized the Edyn sensor specifically for growing cannabis. Yes!

Now what is this Edyn garden sensor going to set me back? How about $150, which includes an added watering device that automatically gives your plants the exact amount of hydration they need, exactly when they need it.

Check out Edyn’s video (without getting giddy) and see what is in store for growers in the future. I’m even pretty sure that you could even continue to operate these sensors after the zombie apocalypse. Granted the sun has to keep shining and your still going to have to be able to charge your smart device somehow.


Note: Watch the video closely and see if you notice you that they sneak in a little cannabis icon growing graphic when showing of the Edyn interface.


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