October 25, 2012


All your time and work will culminate in the flowering cycle as you watch your buds develop and swell. Becoming more and more deliciously dank oozing resin until you scarcely bear it any longerFor growers flowering is often the most satisfying stage of growing cannabis to experience.



General Conditions for Flowering Cannabis

  • Temperature – (Day) 72F- 76F | (Night) 70F – 60F     [Convert to Celsius]
  • Humidity – 50%  to 20% RH
  • Light Cycle – ON 12 Hours – OFF 12 Hours
  • Light Spectrum – Flower 2800K
  • Light Placement – 1 to 3 Inches from Plants (CFL only)
  • PH Range – 5.5 (Hydro) to 6.5 (Soil)
  • Duration – 4 to 8 Weeks



Sexing: If you are growing from feminized or autoflowering seed you do not have to worry about sexing your plants to determine males from females (males do not produce buds).

Usually between 1 and 2 weeks after switching your plants from vegetative to flowering they will show signs of sex. Females will show two distinct pistils between stem and branch joints. Once you have any males spotted pull them from your garden immediately.








Temperature and Humidity: During flowering you will want to keep your humidity below 60%. Doing this helps protect buds from fungus and pests. In general the lower the humidity the better buds are able to become more resinous. Temperatures during this stage should NEVER exceed 85F. Hot growing buds are not good!



Light Cycle, Spectrum & Placement: Before switching your cannabis plants from vegetative to flowering give them 24 hours of uninterrupted darkness (Not required for Auto flowering Strains). This will cue your plants and ready them for the flowering cycle. Always check and make sure your garden is completely light proof with no light leaks whatsoever. Even faint light leaks in your garden can stress you plants which will lead to less amounts of bud with less potency. If you plan on working in you garden when lights are off use a green LED light. The Green light will not affect your cannabis’s sleep.

When your cannabis plants are flowering it is essential that you are using (CFL) lights at the 2800K spectrum. If you keep using lights meant for vegetative growth your buds will suffer greatly and never reach anywhere near their potential. Place (CFL) bulbs as close as possible to the buds however NEVER let a bulb touch any bud EVER. Placing bulbs as close as possible will ensure that your plants get as much light as possible. If you see some of your larger fan leaves tips curl slightly on at the end. This is probably due to some light burn which is ok. Be sure to check and adjust your lights everyday if needed for optimal lighting and bulb placement. Your giant buds will thank you.


Watering & Air Circulation: Keep the same watering routine as in the vegetative cycle. Only water when your soil or grow medium is completely dry or your plants are signalling you that they are “thirsty” with drooping wilted looking leaves. A constant supply of fresh air into your garden and circulating it around your plants is critical in the equation of developing dank buds.


Nutrients & Deficiencies : Most fertilized grow mediums will get your cannabis plants well through the vegetative cycle. However often during flowering plants will begin to deplete the available nutrients and begin to show signs of deficiencies. Often this is seen in fan leaves that yellow early into flowering and or start showing spots. Cannabis plants in flowering need more Phosphorous among all other nutrients.

If you notice a nutrient deficiency in you cannabis plants often accompanied with halted or very slow growth adding a high quality organic blooming feed to your watering schedule can correct and return plants back to an optimal budding state. Be careful not to over fertilize. Begin by feeding your plants bloom nutrients at half dosage until you know how your plants react.

Always pH test your soil or grow medium. Keeping pH levels between 5.5 and 6.5 is best for growth. 6.5 is better for soil and the lower 5.5 level is best for any type of hydroponics. How do I correct a pH imbalance?



Flowering DurationDepending on the plants genetics you will want to keep it in flowering anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Sativas generally take longer than Indicas to fully mature. As your plants continue to develop and flower you will probably be faced with moments when you can hardly keep yourself from devouring the buds fresh from the stalk. You plants should come with instructions with a recommended flowering duration. When your cannabis buds are so covered with THC crystals that they seem coated in “frost” you are on the doorstep of the harvest and drying.


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