December 1, 2011

Grow Weed Cheap

Behold, a glorious nug!

Cannabis is one of the most amazing plants on earth and has for millenniums been cultivated by innumerous human beings for its abundant medicinal, creative, spiritual and yes, game enhancing qualities!


If not for the racist and out right false testimony about cannabis by Bureau of Narcotics head, Harry S. Anslinger to congress in 1937, the world today might not be plagued with the waste and insanity of marijuana prohibition. People would be free to grow for themselves this wonderful and amazing plant!


The instructions on this site shows anyone on a budget of $250 or less how to grow ounces of their very own beautiful green bud. The tutorial here was partly inspired by the book Buds for Less which documents how much high quality cannabis someone can grow at the cheapest possible price. 


1920's Reefer Madness PosterThe guide and techniques here are specifically designed for the noob who wants a low key, low maintenance indoor grows that teaches the fundamentals of growing weed. Starting small saves you from wasting time and money on unnecessary equipment and costly mistakes. That is on the way to getting your green thumb. Whether using a spare bedroom, closet or odd corner, it has never been easier growing weed. 


Growing weed from seed to harvest takes anywhere from 55 to 75 days and consists of 4 main stages. Details on how to grow your own cannabis cheap have been easily organized into the following categories: 


If you don’t know the real reasons why cannabis was made illegal by the US government then you need to read this page on the true history of marijuana. 

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