July 17, 2013

Handmade Glass Bongs Half Off – Just Leave a Review!


Every seasoned smoker knows the value of a good glass bong.

However in the past I have substituted quality for cheaper bongs that never seem to hold up. The thing that usually keeps me from investing in a solid glass bong is the PRICE.

Good bongs will cost you. However I just came across an offer that is too good to pass up and makes getting that dream bong much more affordable.

Like 50% off!

So what’s the catch?

The offer is from the site water-bongs-glass-pipes.com and  all you have to do basically is leave a detailed review of the bong or piece you purchased and they will refund half the cost back to you.

Combine that with free shipping on all orders over $99 and the deal gets even sweeter.

Nearly all of the bongs and glass pieces are handmade. Most of the bongs come with the option of being customized with up to 8 characters if you want to add a more personal touch. 


Here are the Official Conditions:

  • The product reviewed must be in our permanent collection, wasn´t purchased on sale, and its sale wasn´t terminated.
  • The review must be added to the product’s page in our online store in the reviews section or published on a website, blog or social site. Less than one month after receiving the product, the location of the review must be sent together with the order number to the email address: water.bongs.glass.pipes@gmail.com.
  • The review must contain at least 1000 characters and one photo that you have taken of the product. It must also contain at least one direct link to the product’s page on our site. However, the link isn’t required if the review is placed in our online shop.
  • The review must be written objectively and must contain the following points:
    1. Introduction of the product including a brief description
    2. Details such as quality of packaging, shipping time, and opinion on the price
    3. Tell what you like about the product and if it meets your needs and expectations
    4. Overall evaluation including comparison to other products you have used and if you would recommend purchasing this product from our website


After the fulfillment of the conditions above you will get the choice of having your name published with the review or if you prefer you can remain anonymous.

The site has an awesome selection of glass pieces from your basic clear bongs all the way to  highly stylized pieces with triply intricate color changing designs.

One of my favorites has to be the Mushroom Percolator Bong.


Make sure to Check this site out!

water bongs glass pipes



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