March 8, 2016

Herbies Head Shop – $50 Order Review | Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

If you’ve searched out any cannabis seed retailers online, or just wondered where to buy cannabis seeds. You may have already come across one of the many Herbies Head Shop banners floating out across the internet. If you were in any doubt about Herbies Head Shop‘s legitimacy, let this post serve to show otherwise.

Herbies Head Shop

I’m not too sure if people still get ripped off with fake seeds when ordering cannabis seeds online anymore. Nor have I ever had my cannabis seeds snagged in transit through the mail. Though I try to follow some Tips & Rules for ordering cannabis seeds online.

In all my time ordering cannabis seeds online, I’ve never run into any major problems or scams. But over time, I have narrowed down a list of My Top 3 online Cannabis Seedbanks, that I now use exclusively as my go-to cannabis seed sources. And yes, Herbies Head Shop is on the list.



Herbies Head Shop Order Review:


Herbies Top 20 ListI really can get lost skimming the Herbies Head Shop website. So many strains and so little time! They really do have a massive selection from which to choose, all from top breeders from across Europe. This includes a great selection of CBD and medical strains.

Prices are a little higher at Herbies, but that cost is translated into having a customer service department and a policy that guarantees the delivery of your seeds. If something happens to your seeds in transit, Herbies will resend your order, no questions asked.

Last, sometimes you want to try growing a specific strain, but can’t afford a pack of 5x or 10x seeds. Herbies Head Shop offers the ability to order many cannabis strains in packs of single seeds. Which gives the ability to sample and try a lot more premium strains, even on a limited budget.

One unexpected surprise was the video DVD I received with the Strain Hunters ‘Money Maker’ Seedpack. Clever packaging I must admit. The DVD was totally worth getting super ripped and watching high. I won’t spoil the plot of the DVD but this Youtube Video of the Strain Hunters should give you a pretty good clue!


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