March 13, 2014

Behind the Strains | An Inside Look at and History of Blueberry Weed

blueberry weedBlueberry weed is without a doubt one of the most dazzling sights and smoke to behold. Spend some time around marijuana long enough and inevitably you will hear about this notorious cannabis strain named Blueberry.

Blueberry weed is a near perfect example of optimal hybrid cannabis breeding. Extra disease and pest resistant. Growing to medium height and producing heavy resinous buds. Blueberry weed is known for its gorgeous lavender and purple hued buds drenched in trichomes that glitter and sparkle like crystals under the lights. It is easy to see why the Blueberry strain has been used as a base for many of the hybrid crosses we see today.                                                                                       

Smoking Blueberry weed can be even more surreal as often it seems you can actually ‘taste the blueberry’ when you exhale. The high can be just as intense alternating between lengths of euphoria and periods of deep stoniness, all of which that can last for hours. Blueberry weed is quite the trip!


History of Blueberry Weed

The history of Blueberry weed begins on the United States west coast during the 1970’s. His effort during these years would yield many of the most highly regarded genetics we see in strains today. With the era of disco in full swing a breeder known as DJ Short was crossing and creating a number of exotic sativas from around the world: Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Thailand. Cultivating near a hundred plants at a single time both indoors and outdoors, DJ Short honed his skills and waited for that ‘special’ plant. After a great time of growing and sampling hundreds if not more plants. He finally found the one he had been looking for. .

original_blueberry_retouched55DJ Short based his Blueberry strain creation from two old school “Thai Stick” sativas. Which were then crossed with a male Afghani indica that was brought to his attention in 1979 by a group of growers in California. At the time sativas ruled and this indica plant was something of a novelty. However as it began to be crossbred it became clear that this plant was here for good. Growers realized they could grow more herb that finished faster than before by combining the sativa and indica genes.


As this new reality set in the end of sativa dominant closed in and consequently lead to the disappearance of many pure sativa lines which either were hybridized or lost entirely.

The indica genes made the plants grow uniform, squat and more symmetrical with thick hairy stems and wide leafs. As the war on drugs raged and more growers where forced indoors the indica genetics helped make this transition much easier.




With these plants in his possession DJ Short applied his skill and wisdom and began to breed new floral lines using these hybrid genetics. Soon after he established his two best strains, one of which we know today as Blueberry. Many people are unaware that the Original Blueberry weed was actually bred to be more indica dominant in its expression although later a more sativa dominant plant was worked in and refined into what we today know today as Blueberry marijuana.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s DJ Short continued to dial in the traits of his already highly refined Blueberry marijuana strain. In 1993 DJ Short flew to Europe and began working for the Sagarmatha Seed Company. By 1995 he was supplying the company with seed stock for both sale and breeding. By this time he was rarely involved in the selection process and had contracted the company’s services to produce Blueberry weed seeds. The relationship with this company soon ended however and DJ Short moved on to work for another seed company named Dutch Passion.

Today Dutch Passion still offers some of DJ Short’s other masterful creations; namely  Original Flo and Blue Moonshine, which is another wonderfully resinous and potent but mostly indica cousin to the Blueberry plant.


Growing! … Original Blueberry Strain or the NEW True Blueberry Weed?

More recently, DJ Short has also worked with other highly skillful breeders, combining several different lines of the Blueberry plant to already well established strains. True Blueberry is a re-worked version of old Blueberry genes and the F-13 is considered the peak expression of the Blueberry Sativa. The Holy Grail of all DJ Short’s creations if you will and also his own personal favorite. Choosing between the Original and True Blueberry can be difficult but according to the master himself; both are equally potent and prone to color changes.


What are the differences?

The True Blueberry is called the ultimate hybrid of Blueberry expression as it was selected for its superior quality from a larger gene pool. However the original Blueberry weed is mostly indica, the new True Blueberry hybrid contains the best from both sides of indica and sativa expression. The new True Blueberry weed was selected from different stock than the current Original Blueberry weed and is slightly more productive. The Original Blueberry weed strain can be called a “Stretch-Indica” in that it tends to stretch between nodes with very compact buds are a larger calyx structure.

BlueBerry-900x900Both plants are exceptional in both smell and taste due to the exotic stock used to create both strains. The high of the True Blueberry weed is slightly more racy and cerebral than the more narcotic but not quite “couch-locking” body stone of the original Blueberry weed version. All Blueberry however all is noted for its long shelf life which improves with age and can be kept curing. Finally, the first version of the True Blueberry was fathered by a now extinct (B130) male and can be considered a limited edition of this famous plant.


Other more recent DJ Short’s creations

  • Grape Krush
  • Vanilluna (Vanilla Moon)
  • Cocoa Kush

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