January 4, 2014

Spotting Knockoff (Joyetech) eGo-T Batteries – Electronic Dabbing


Electronic Dabbers are honestly one of the best gadgets out there if you are into waxes and oils. I mean it is cool to have a whole dab or oil rig with a butane torch and other assorted dabber tools. But beside the inability to haul most of that stuff around and dab on the go without looking seriously sketchy, the Electronic Dabber is an awesome addition to you dabbing tool box.

What you need with every Electronic Dabbing set-up, in addition to the oil vaporizer attachment, is a good battery. There are plenty of generic knockoff  ‘eGo’ type batteries. Some of these are better than others.

However one of the better batteries you can get are from a company named “Joyetech”. They have a popular battery series called the eGo-T.



How to tell if you’ve got the Real Deal!


Lots of knock off companies have their own version of this battery and you will often see “eGo-t” printed on the side of batteries. Don’t be fooled! The true Joyetech batteries have the companies logo laser etched into the bottom of every battery. So be sure to check and keep in mind when you are looking at purchasing an eGo type battery for your Electric Dabber set-up.

Also if you have a digital multi-meter handy you can check the voltage your your battery. If your freshly charged eGo or eGo-T, without load, meters at 3.2v – 3.4v, then it is most likely a genuine eGo-T. If however it meters at 3.7v or higher it is not a genuine eGo-T. Also any battery with an opaque or soft rubber button is NOT a genuine Joyetech eGo-T.

Buying an eGo-T online… Check http://www.joyetech.com/about/copycat.php to find out if the site is selling genuine or knockoff batteries. 


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