March 8, 2015

‘The Happy Creeper” – Lemon Skunk | Cannabis Strain Review

Lemon skunk cannabis strain

Lemon Skunk is a mellow but buzzy sativa with an overwhelming lemon zest aroma with hints pine, and when smoked you get a slight fruity aftertaste.

This strain doesn’t hit you quickly or all at once, but gradually creeps up on you until your overwhelmed by a heightened sense of calm and euphoria. So you may want to hold off just a bit longer, before packing that next bowl. A great strain for anyone, but especially for people prone to anxiety or stress. 


Lemon Skunk Bud BranchThe Lemon Skunk strain was the creation of two separate skunk phenotypes that were chosen for their exceptionally zesty lemon traits. 

This Lemon Skunk strain was ordered through the Marijuana Seed Shop and grow under CFLs (Compact Flourecent Lights) and one 150 watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium), potted in super soil.

Skunk strains generally produce solid but moderate yields and are relatively easy to grow. 


You can view the entire grow journal for Lemon Skunk HERE






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