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Mixed Seeds

A selection of Mixed Seeds, grow more strains and save money with our fantastic offers of this page. You can buy 6 seeds (2 seeds of 3 different strains), choose between Indica Mix, Sativa Mix (feminized) and Autoflowering Mix 1 and 2.

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5 Item(s)

per page

  • May the God of Israel bless you for providing this service.

    Noam – Israel

  • Just received my last 2 orders and wanted to once again thank you guys for the being a upstanding company and working with me on my issue. Happy Happy Happy


  • Another perfect delivery, thank you guys!

    Stacey – China

  • your auto CHEESE & SILVER BULLIT grew outdoors in 61 & 70 days from seed, to premium yields & very tasty smoke. Everyone just loves it & I will grow these again. I am 61 yrs young, have grown cannabis for 42 yrs.


  • The grow info on BB XXL is WRONG, i made over 60 ounces from one outdoor plant…Amazing!

    Jack – Florida

  • Found where a guy said that Zensation was the ‘sexiest bud ever’. Now, I can’t think of another word to better describe it. It’s just fucking sexy

    Drew – USA

  • hi got my gift today very fast shipping!! love this site!

    David – Australia

  • My patients love the Zen. Excellent genetics

    Scott – USA

  • I just wanted to know how much I appreciate your site. It’s very professional and LEGITIMATE. I’ve been ripped off by other “suppliers” but have received very PROMPT delivery from you. I’ve ordered several times or more and have ALWAYS been satisfied.

    Neal – USA

  • I received my seed order today and would like to thank you. I have made more than 6 other orders from various breeders in Amsterdam but they have not been successfully delivered.

    Anna – Australia

  • Thank you for the extra seeds. Your seeds have consistently produced my very best plants. Thank you also for putting in the years of effort it takes to produce such fine products

    Antonio – USA

  • I placed an order 5 days ago and it arrived today! Great stealth packing, at first I was worried until I figured it out. I have purchased from you before and know you are reputable supplier


  • I received it in yesterdays mail. I applaud the disguise of the package. You have been very kind and it is very much appreciated.

    Kenneth – USA

  • I want to thank you for the incredible service delivery super fast thank you very much


  • Just wanted to let you know that the products I received from Ministry were excellent! Every one of those little babies, I mean EVERY ONE, is now beautiful and healthy. Thank you for more than exceeding my expectations, very unusual in today’s world.

    Chuck – USA

  • Thank you so much for your great service, I will never order from anyone else!

    Pierre – France

  • Just wanted to thank you guys for the hard work and dedication you and your company strive for… So thank you 🙂


  • just wanted too say got my seeds was a 100% success rate i was very happy with the reship when the seeds were misplaced excellent service better group of people.


  • thanks a lot guys I just received my order the shipping was fast good job


  • Thank you so much for your professionalism and your great customer service. You are a great business and I really appreciate it.


  • I just wanted to let you know how much i love your product !!! and appreciate all the hard work you go through to bring us great seeds at a great price. Please keep up the good work and i will always be a supporter of your company.


  • I want to thank you all for such a good service, I am your loyal customer, and wish you all over the world to recognize, respect


  • Once again you guys have performed above expectations, I have received the package very fast with 100% success.


  • You folks have certainly gained my trust and your products are among the finest money can buy. I cannot wait until spring and do it all again


  • The customer service from your company is the reason I purchased from you


  • Your the best MOC will be with ya all the way!! Love the WaY yall do business. Thank you for great products.


  • It backed your self now have me for life.thks A.


  • Received my package today very quick delivery. My last packet was 100% successful. Thank you very much.


  • The seeds I ordered just came in the mail. Thank you for your communication throughout this process. I am a happy customer.

    Sean – Washington DC

  • again perfect delivery , thank you :)))


  • Thank you so much for my product it came faster than u guys said I’m very much thankful and cannot wait to see end result two thumbs up guys!


  • Parcel arrived today 🙂 Thank you for the gift. You guys are legends

    Shane – France

  • Your the best MOC will be with ya all the way!! Love the WaY yall do business.Thank you for great products.


  • Happy to say that I received my order. Thank you very much!! Highly recommended!!! Will definately order from you again in the future.


  • I just wanted to update you that my order has arrived safely today. Pleasure doing business with you guys.

    Nebojsa – Bosnia

  • You are just kind regards to all there at the Ministry..peace


  • Got my five seeds of zensation, 100% germination. The little gals seem happy! Thanks!!


  • Got the seeds in Australia in 8days . Finally a seed company that delivers!


  • My shipment arrived today. Awesome discreet packaging. So glad to have a reliable, honest source.


  • Very happy to orderwith you. Good prices and exellent costumer service. Very fast shipping. Tnx