January 13, 2013

Mushroom Fruiting

All your efforts will ripen and bear ‘fruit’ in this stage of growing magic mushrooms. It’s probably the most exciting phase as you watch the cakes inside your terrarium explode with magic mushrooms. You can ingest them fresh, or you can dry and store them for later. 

Wait until your substrate jars are fully colonized and totally covered in white mycelium growth before deciding to place them inside you terrarium.


Be sure to check your colonized mycelium cakes for any green, black or brown contamination, mold or fungus. If you find any at all be safe and toss the entire cake!



This colonized cake has already begun pinning inside the jar.


Magic Mushroom Fruiting


birth and begin magic mushroom fruitingJust like the name implies you will be bringing your colonized cakes of mycelium into the world by busting them out of their jars.

Birthing is a straight forward process. First get a clean plate and cover it with a layer of plastic food wrap (saran wrap). Take off the tin foil covering then unscrew and remove the jar’s lid.

Place the open end of the jar down onto the plate and scrape off any dry vermiculite. Gently whack the bottom of the jar until the colonized substrate cake pops out.



dunk and get magic mushroom fruitingTake the newly birthed mycelium cake and place it in a water filled container. DO NOT leave your cake submerged for more than 24 hours or it may drown the mycelium.




Magic Mushroom Fruiting

magic mushroom fruiting After your cake has been submerged underwater and refrigerated for at least 12 hours it is time to take it out and place it inside your terrarium where it should begin fruiting within 4 to 12 days. Magic mushrooms do not technically need any light to grow however a good place for your terrarium is in sunny room that gets indirect light.

If finding a sunny area is difficult or not an option, place a CFL bulb (6500k) above your terrarium on a 12/12 lighting cycle. The light regimen will signal you mushrooms in which direction to grow as well as help initiate pinning which is a precursor and signal that your cakes will soon begin fruiting magic mushrooms!


Keep the temperature of your terrarium between 70F and 76F. If you have an auto-terrarium, set the dual outlet timer which controls your humidifier and pump to switch on briefly every 2 hours.


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