March 27, 2014

Oculus Rift – Killing Zombies will Never be Scarier! | Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift Zombies

You may not be aware but things are about to get crazy. Right before things get really, really crazy! Let me explain, see there is this thing called the ‘Oculus Rift’ which is about to make virtual reality REAL. This isnt Lawnmower Man VR or that clunky virtual reality setup you saw at the mall when you were 11. The ‘Oculus Rift’ and a slew of other new technologies are about to blur the lines between real and virtual worlds to the point its going to be hard to tell the difference.

The Oculus Rift started out as a project on Kickstarter and from there grew humongous wings from which it leap screaming toward the sky. The developers behind the Rift are putting the finishing touches on a consumer version set to release sometime in the near future.

Set some money aside because I think your going to want one. It doesn’t take much effort of thought to see the epic potential of something like this. Running from and killing zombies will probably never be the same! 


What started the Rift!


People using the Rift for the first time… hilarity ensues.


Playing Far Cry 3…



Where the Oculus Rift is at right now (2014)


Is this FUCKING for REAL!


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