October 31, 2012

Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online – Tips for Staying Safe

Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online

Ordering cannabis seeds online is simple.

But you should still exercise extra caution. Below is an unnoficial list of common sense tips to minimize any associated risks. If you have anything to add be sure to leave it in the comments section below…



  • Pre-paid Credit Card can be a pain in the ass. Visa and Mastercard pre-paid credit cars used to be the best option for ordering cannabis seeds online and staying anonymous. Most pre-paid cards now require your social security number to activate while the ones that don’t cannot be used internationally which makes buying from most seed banks impossible. Read this article for more on using anonymous pre-paid credit and gift cards. 

  • Your chances of getting busted are slim to none. Many people use their personal credit cards when ordering cannabis seeds online. Billing is discreet and packages can be sent extra stealth. Even if your seeds get intercepted and seized by the government you will most likely just receive a red slip stating what happened. The authorities simply do not have enough time to arrest otherwise law abiding citizens who grow marijuana for personal use.   

  • Using a fake names or alias increases your chances of confiscation. Ship only to real names and addresses. Fake names are a red flag for packages to be opened and checked and NEVER have your parcels delivered if they require a signature. 


  • Never ship to the address where you plan to grow. Ask a trusted friend, neighbour or sibling and ship to their address. Packages from Attitude Seeds are very discrete and no one will know what is inside unless they decide to open it for you. 

  • Use a fake email address. Email addresses from orders are often saved after an order or purchase. Go to gmail.com or yahoo.com and create a new anonymous email address just for the transaction.


  • Be patient, especially with international orders. 

  • The less people who know the better! The number one reason cannabis growers are busted is that they brag about what they are doing. You can never trust someone else as closely as yourself and should assume any secrets you tell will be told to someone else.




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