August 1, 2012

Get Paid to Smoke Weed & Play Video Games – Are you a Grandmas Boy?

smoke weed and play video games

Smoke weed and play video games… then get paid for it!?

The Before Pineapple Express there was Grandma’s Boy.

If you haven’t seen the movie it centers around Alex a 35 year old game tester who loses his apartment due to bad circumstances and ends up having to move in with his grandmother.

While the movie (which I highly recommend you get high and watch) gives a view of game testing that is awesomely unrealistic. The job itself is very real and a very needed job. One that can lead to a lucrative career in the gaming industry. 

The video game industry has grow by leaps and bounds since Mario first appeared on our living room TV screens. A quick internet search of the industry shows that gaming is a now a multi-billion dollar industry and is only expected to continue growing.


Smoke weed and play video games


With titles like Grand Theft Auto earning sales of $300 million or more in ONE day. You can quickly see that a career in the video game industry has some major job security.

Before any studio can release a game it needs to be tested by 10, 100s even 1000s of different testers. The bigger the title and more money a studio has, the more testers they need and the better they pay. Usually testers begin with average entry level pay but can progressively earn more and more with experience. Up to $60 an hour or more. In many cases you can even work from home on your own hours.



There are certain steps and concepts anyone looking to test games professionally should know before going after a job. You can’t just send and email or expect companies to send you some games along with a paycheck. There are a few different guides on the web that detail everything you need to know about landing your first game testing job and how you can excel as a tester.


One of the best overall guides is from the site In addition to giving you a lifetime membership which allows you to read the step by step guide at your own pace they also have a job listing section where companies directly advertise for testing jobs. Putting your first potential job, squarely in your lap once you are ready.


Testing isn’t for everyone, but if your still reading this...then check them out!



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