December 1, 2013

Searching for the Cure | Guide to Getting the Best Rick Simpson Oil


What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil the wonder cure also known as RSO which is a concentrated form of cannabis or hash oil. Although it can be smoked or vaporized it is most efficient when eaten. Because RSO is so concentrated (1oz of bud to make approx. 3- 6 grams of oil) a rice sized dose can easily provide medical marijuana patients hours of relief with out having to smoke repeatedly.

Rick Simpson Oil is best made by ‘washing’ high quality cannabis buds in a solvent (Ethanol, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol alcohol, Namphtha, etc) which dissolves and strips THC and other cannabinoids off the plant material which is then left to slowly heat and evaporate off any residual solvents. When the process is finished you are left with a thick and often dark gooey oil. The more amber in color the better. 


What can RSO treat?

Rick Simpson oil has unequivocally shown to effectively treat a multitude of ailments and diseases ranging from pain and insomnia to epileptic seizures even cancer. However for the oil to be truly effective it must be made from high quality buds and with strains which can treat targeted conditions.

As more and more doctors and patients begin to understand the medical benefits of cannabis and concentrated forms of the plant such as Rick Simpson Oil it will become more popular and sought after. Though having a doctor prescribe you RSO or deciding it might be something that could work for you is one thing. Actually finding a source of consistently high quality RSO that can treat your condition is the real challenge.


What should I know about Rick Simpson Oil before I visit a collective or dispensary?

It is no secret that cannabis for all its medicinal value is still a cash commodity. Because of this fact many collectives and dispensary s are run by unsavory and unscrupulous individuals who only out to make as much money as possible. This applies especially true for Rick Simpson Oil as many places only care about getting the cheapest RSO and selling it at the highest profit margin even at the expense of patients who are depending on it to treat their condition. While there are clear exceptions to this it has been my experience that most places either don’t know or don’t really care about where their medicines come from. 

It is safe to assume that the majority of the Rick Simpson Oil you come across at collectives or dispensary s will be sub par and made with low quality shake or sweet leaf and not from the actual buds. There may also be toxic solvent residues left over in the oil because it may have been poorly purged or the plant material contained harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The only real way to ensure you are using the best RSO is to make your own from high quality bud. The second best option if you don’t have the time or expertise to grow your own and make your own Rick Simpson Oil is to find someone you know and trust to do it for you. However for many patients neither of these solutions are possible.



How do I keep myself safe and find the best RSO?


1) Research GOOGLE and Join a Message Board

If you don’t  already know search and learn which strains of cannabis might work best for your condition. There are many online communities and websites out there active with users who are going through or have gone through the same trials and tribulations of getting good Rick Simpson Oil. Let their experience help guide you.




2) Use a website like Weedmaps to read reviews and narrow your selections

Weedmaps is not perfect but by and large you can weed out (no pun intended) the worst of the cannabis collectives or dispensary s to avoid and save yourself from wasting any time, gas or money.


3) Has it been Tested?

This is a big one so don’t just take a place at their word no matter how nice the guy or gal behind the counter seems. Good RSO will test very high when it comes to cannabinoid content meaning at least 70% THC/CBD or higher. If they say it’s been tested but can’t show you the test results then they are likely lying. If it is “in the process of being tested” they are again lying as any respectable collective wouldn’t put out untested medicines for patients. Tests are not perfect but provide a good indicator to the quality of the RSO and shows that the collective has its head in the right direction.

Be sure to check for the date of the test. If the date on the test is 6 months old or older they may be trying to pawn off an older test as the result s for a different batch of Rick Simpson Oil. The best tests will not only show the cannabinoid content and ratios of terpenes and flavonoid but will also provide information on any residual chemical residues or foreign toxins that might be contained in the oil.  


4) What’s the Strain? How was it grown? And how was the RSO made?

If the place is reputable they should have not problems answering these questions for you. If they seem a little unsure then they probably don’t know. This is a red flag. Always ask if the oil was made from shake or bud. “Bud Only” is the answer you want to hear.

The strain, how the bud was grown and which solvent used to make the oil will all play a part in the effects of the oil. Many of the solvents used are in themselves highly toxic. The only reason the oil is safe to ingest is if the oil has been purged of all the residual solvents. Anything left over in the oil can cause negative side-effects such as: extreme fatigue, severe headaches, nausea, diarrhea, night sweats or achy shivers all which can last for days after a single dose. These are all things NOT associated with GOOD Rick Simpson Oil.

I always recommend Rick Simpson Oil made from organically grown cannabis or as close to organic as possible. When it is organic there is almost no chance or ingesting nasty chemicals or fertilizers in your oil. However there is really no way of holding a collective at their word if they say the oil was made with organic cannabis.

The least toxic and most natural solvent used to make RSO is Ethanol or simply high proof grain alcohol. But again when using ethanol (or any solvent) it is always best to use ONLY high quality bud.


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