August 1, 2012


Day 3 Cannabis Seedling

 Ideal Seedling Conditions

  • Lights – 18 to 24 Hours a Day
  • Spectrum – Vegetative 6500 F
  • Placement – 3 to 5 Inches from Plants
  • Temperature – 74F – 80F (23 – 27C)
  • Humidity – 75% to 100%
  • Period – 10 Days to 3 Weeks

Your seed has sprouted above the surface to reveal its first set of leaves (cotyledans). Welcome to the seedling stage. Its not a giant bud ripe plant…yet. This stage is crucial in letting the cannabis plant grow and establish its tiny roots . 

The biggest concern during this time is keeping tender young roots moist. Seedling tap roots can easily dry out which will stunt growth or worse kill your plants. Over-watering is also a concern, so as a general rule If you are growing in soil a couple tablespoons of water everyday is sufficient. Keep a fan blowing lightly on your cannabis seedling in order to strengthen growing stalks.

If you are starting seedlings in a smaller container such as a styrafoam or dixie cup you will need to transplant your plants into a larger container usually no later than 2 weeks after sprouting. [Transplanting Instructions

Seedlings under mylar covered CFL vegetative lights with humidifier and fan.


Keeping conditions as close to ideal along with some sweet tender care during the seedling phase will set the groundwork for strong healthy bud bearing plants.




Cannabis plant at an early vegetative stage.


The seedling stage is over when rapid vertical growth and foliage starts. The next stage of a cannabis plants life is know as the vegetative cycle.

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