February 22, 2012

Set Up

Understanding your plants and learning to manipulate your grow’s set-up to mimic an ideal home is the key to harvesting dank smokable buds. Truth is you don’t need the best equipment to successfully grow marijuana 

Instructions here are broken into three parts:   Lighting, Box & Grow! What is shown here is only one version of what is possible when growing with simple supplies on a lean lean budget.

Growing great marijuana on the cheap means using the things around you and being creative.


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Frame | Outlets | Wiring 

Create a basic light set up for indoor growing. This fixture is inexpensive easy to adjust and can be painlessly modified to fit more lights.

Parts: Twin Cluster SocketLight Socket Adapter, Wire Hangers, Lamp Cord with Plug 
Cost Estimate: $21-25  (assuming all new parts)

Video Steps: FrameOutlets (Cluster Sockets), Wiring and Testing

Required Assembly Tools

-Electrical Tape
-Gorilla Heavy Duty Duct tape




This quick cardboard solution is best for a single plant. As a general rule you should never let the temperatures inside of your grow box exceed 85 degrees (29.4 C) or dip below 65 degrees (18.3 C). If you are having problems keeping temperatures down try running the grow box at night instead of daytime. Always keep a fan on inside the box while the lights are on.

Parts: Dish Pack Cardboard BoxesMylar Blanket, 2-3/16″ Screw EyesCup HooksExtension Cord  
Cost Estimate: $10-15  (assuming all new parts)
Video Steps: Box PrepTapeCutExhaustMountSealClose


Required Assembly Tools
– Pliers
– Electrica l Tape
– Gorilla Duct tape



Grow! (Final Components)

You are now nearly ready to become the proud parent of a newborn baby bud plant. Congratulations on all your hard-work and preparation thus far.

Below are some final steps and components you’ll need to complete this grow box. Giving your babies the best shot at becoming dank chronic bud. Now you need to germinate and plant!

PartsClip FanTimer, Thermometer/Hydrometer (In-Out), Cool Mist-Humidifier (optional),
Cost Estimate: $20-55  (assuming all new parts)


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