July 15, 2013

Pest Control – Get rid of ANY Spider Mite Infestation!

Spider Mite infestations have ruined many a crops…

So don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if you find a spider mite infestation in your garden.

Especially if this is your first time growing!

If you are new to growing cannabis there are 3 key things you should know about these very tiny critters:

  • Spider mites are prolific breeders and spread quicker than the zombie plague
  • Getting almost all the mites DOES NOT mean you’ve won the war as these things can make sudden miraculous comebacks
  • Like stoners spider mites will build a tolerance to the products and killer concoctions you release upon these pests


You will notice spider mites on the bottom of your plants leaves as tiny black specs that can often be over looked as dirt. Soon however you will begin to see spots on the tops of leaves as the mites eat through from the underside. As they feast on the supple flesh of your poor plants the spider mites weave thick intricate webs over your now infested buds.

Left alone and untreated for too long the spider mites can and will kill your entire garden along with any hopes of harvesting any dank nugs.


Check for spider mites routinely and annihilate them immediately if you discover them! Sounds eerily similar to zombies …

“But how do I kill these spider mites” you ask? Lucky for us we’ve got some fierce artillery to throw at these things.


Spider Mite Infestation Treatment Options


Continue treating your plants until EVERY spider mite is gone. And once you believe every spider mite to be gone treat you plants one last time but this time include one extra spider mite treatment option.

If you aren’t thurough the spider mite infestation can keep returning. Treating for spider mites too often can create super mites which become increasingly unfazed to your treatments forcing you to use more and more sprays which in turn become less effective

Depending on the severity of and strength of the spider mite infestation you may have to treat your plants with multiple products before finding the one that completely eliminates your problems. Keep a selection of spider mite sprays on hand and don’t be afraid to really get in there even dousing your plants.


Yipee no more spider mites!

Now once your done congratulating yourself you need to figure out how your garden got infested in the first place and PREVENT it from ever happening again. Often house pets or other animals can bring in an unwanted spider mite infestation your spider mite infestation.  After that, you need to look at prevention. Something you did allowed spider mites to get in your grow room, and you can’t let that happen again!


How to prevent spider mite INFESTATIONS

  • Take IMMEDIATE ACTION at the first sign of any spider mite infestation.
  • No hot spots allowed keep proper temps, ventilation & air flow in your garden.
  • Before bringing in any new  clones or plants quarantine in a separate space.
  • Keep your garden extra CLEAN
  • Never allow animals in your grow room
  • Filter your air if growing indoors
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth sprinkled on soil
  • Never wear dirty outdoor clothes into your garden


Have any secret spider mite killing concoctions? Go ahead’n share them in the comments section below…


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