July 23, 2013

Grow Magic Mushrooms | Spores 101 – Spore Bank Review

If you’ve never ordered a spore syringe and you are new to cultivating magic mushrooms chances are you will come across Spores 101.


Compared to a lot of other spore-bank websites, Spores101 is well sharp looking and easy to navigate. Ordering online here is simple and Spores 101 has a good array of spore strains to choose from, followed with a quick blurb to describing each one. Users can also rate and comment on their favorite strains which can make deciding which strains to order, a lot easier if your an inexperienced cultivator.

Prices are fair and even a noob on a shoe string budget can probably find something here they’re happy with. Spores 101 is usually always running some kind of special I’ve noticed. The order featured here cost about 13 bucks (with instant $5 discount) and the purchaser also got an extra syringe.


The syringes are sent well packaged and nondescript. Spores 101 ships your order anywhere around the globe. They will also send you a confirmation email when your order is sent as well as include tracking on your package at no extra cost. That’s service I like!



 The correct order and package came in less than 5 days. The syringes where uncontaminated and when magnified under a microscope the spores where found to be very viable and healthy. The only thing noted was the below average amounts of actual spores in the syringes. 



A Checkered Past?

I suggest everyone do some online research into the reputation of any spore bank they plan on ordering from. A great place to start is The Shroomery which has a huge online forum dedicated to mycology. Searching their online threads I found a good amount of personal reviews about Spores 101.


The verdict seemed to be split about things. Half were satisfied while the other half usually had complaints about their syringes coming contaminated. Though to Spores101 credit in every case the review said they had sent them a new syringe ASAP no questions asked. However even with the replacement the inconvenience cost people a lot of time and frustration.



Spores 101 Conclusion – Totally Legit!

Overall Spores 101 has a really good site that makes ordering spores super easy. The order detailed here had no problems and was uncontaminated. The price was cheap and included and extra syringe. The only real thing that stood out was the overall low density of spores in the syringes.   



They’re in there…


If you are new to growing magic mushrooms I would wholeheartedly recommend ordering from Spores 101 as an excellent source of spores to introduce yourself to the magic of growing mushrooms. However if you are an experienced cultivator and need syringes of a certain standard you may want to shy away except maybe their more exotic strains.

Thanks for reading. Comment and Share your Spores 101 experience below!


GO: Visit Spores 101



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  • rick

    October 13, 2015 at 1:37 am

    They don’t do any of that anymore. If you want tracking the shipping will cost you $14 instead of $6. Order one spore syringe and that is all you get and the total is $16 including shipping (unless you opt for tracking which is a ridiculous $14) They also takes a freaking month before it even arrives (US address) not the 7-10 days they claim. They also claim that US orders ship from South Carolina. It came from Canada anyway and the the package gets irradiated at the border by US dept of agriculture before it is allowed in the country so the spores aren’t any good. They won’t grow. Got ripped off.

    • Buds McGee

      October 26, 2015 at 4:04 am

      Wow! Haven’t had an order from these guys for a while but if what your saying is true, they have really fallen off.