October 11, 2012

Transplanting Cannabis in 5 Steps – Easy Instructions


Don’t be so shocked like the wee plants above. Transplanting cannabis isn’t that hard and shouldn’t deter you from growing.

Starting plants in Styrofoam or Dixie cups means eventually transplanting cannabis into larger containers. Done usually between 8 and 14 days from sprouting. Failure to transplant into a larger container will cause plants to become root-bound.

This permanently stunts your plants development and growth leaving you with stressed plants and low yields.


Cannabis Transplanting

Step 1)

Water plants well before transplanting. This helps prevent shock.


Step 2)

Gently flip the seedling container upside down and give the bottom a whack with the palm of your other hand. The root ball should loosen from the container.


Step 3)

Hold and support the plant as you slide the root ball out of the pot.


Step 4)

Support and turn the root ball base upright and place inside the new container’s matching hollowed out space. 


Step 5)

Gently pack the soil level and fill in any spaces. The new pot’s soil should end even with the top of the transplanted root ball. 



Your plant’s leaves may sag a short while after being transplanted. It is shocked and is now getting comfortable in its new container. Plants will tell you how they feel by the way their leaves look. In most circumstances anything outside of strong green leaves is a sign that something could be wrong. 

Your plant is now poised for the next stage of its life know as the vegetative cycle.


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