September 24, 2013

3 Reasons to have a Drone during the Zombie Apocalypse

Acquiring a drone in preparation for the zombie apocalypse…

is in all sense of the words an “Awesome idea”. The technology that makes drones operate has been getting cheaper and cheaper to the point that building or buying your own drone in now real and very possible. The popularity of drones for a variety of purposes has taken off and instead of fearing the drones I think people need to embrace them as they will undoubtedly become a priceless tool in the fight against zombies!



1. Reconnaissance / Surveillance

It sucks having to search for supplies and food in a town that you are unfamiliar with. No one likes having to sneak around corners and down dark back alleys when they are sure to be infested with flesh eating zombies. Why not send your robotic buddy with an attached camera that sends images back to you in real-time. Use your drone to scope out areas ahead of time and use the that info to plan your routes through cities or towns.

Further tweaking allows you to set the minicraft to do scans of your area autonomously on autopilot using gps coordinates (as long as the satellites are in orbit). On board software would allow the unit to detect movement and report findings to you automatically. Effectively guarding your established boarders and protecting against any zombie hordes before they have a chance to sneak up on you. Skip Video ahead to 5:11…

2. Diversion

Turn your drone into a zombie herder. Instead of tying to blast your way through the wall of zombies blocking that vital doorway. Send this thing out affixed with a loudspeaker. You could set it to play almost any type audio recording. Personally I prefer to play the sound of human screams only because it is particularly effective in drawing the attention of zombies. Use your drone to lead the zombies far away from you. No shooting needed so you can save that ammo for when you really need it.


3. D. Hunter Killer

Turning your UAV (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) into a hunter killer will take a good amount of hacking but will undoubtedly be baddass. Affixing a gun to your drone and using a First Person View (FPV) type optics will make flying and shooting like a video game. Imagine using your drone to strafe and hover above zombie hordes blasting away. Picking them off without having to put yourself into any danger. 

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