September 9, 2013

Police Scanners – Communication in Crisis | Zombie Apocalypse

A police scanner puts you directly into the loop of  communication into ‘what is happening’ on the ground during a crisis.

Hordes of Infected

That is why when the first zombies start cropping up in your city or town you will have a heads up on what is actually happening in real-time. Being able to tune into your town’s or city’s local dispatch and listen to police, fire, EMS, CB, Ham radio, Aircraft frequencies and more will be key in weaving your way to safety though pockets of danger.

In any type of disaster whether it be zombies, economic collapse, war or natural disasters, the typical means of communications like mobile phones and the Internet will be down or severed or severely crippled. This is why you need a plan on how to stay informed and communicate when zombie hell is unleashed.


Buying a Police Scanner

One of the problems people face when choosing a scanner is which one is the right one? This is especially true for first time buyers. A lot of police scanners will look fancy but are actually unable to reach the frequencies that the police and military use. What you will need if the local system in your area has gone to 800 mhz is a scanner with trunking capabilities.


Police Scanner Basics

Check the Radio Frequencies in your Area


When researching police scanners I was at first overwhelmed by all the options. But when you start to wade through them all you quickly notice how most are junk. When it comes to police scanners you are gong to have to pony out a little more doe but it will be worth in a crisis.

The best police scanner when factoring in price, capabilities and ease of use was the Pro-96. This is my recommendation for a basic police scanner and the one I will be using during the zombie apocalypse.



Pro-96 Police Scanner – Key Points:

  • Real Entry Level Scanner
  • Digital Trunking
  • Easy to Program with either Win96 or ARC96 software


Not included:

  • You will need rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter. Otherwise you will be changing batteries almost every other day with heavy use.
  • You will also want to get the RadioShack USB cable for programming the scanner via PC. 

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