October 22, 2013

Meet The Gentleman | Glass Globe Vaporizer & Portable Dabber

Glass Globe Vaporizer



Hitting the market recently has been this globe vaporizer also known as The Gentleman which is basically an attachment for an E-pen (510 threading)  that turns it into a portable dabber. Allowing you to vaporize oils and waxes on the go anywhere with out having to lug around an entire dabber set up and butane torch.

Once The Gentleman globe vaporizer is fitted to your E-pen you can pop off the glass globe part and fill the ceramic bowl piece with your oil or wax of choice. BHO (butane hash oil) works especially well in these. Once filled you place the globe piece back on and start your E-pen which will heat up the filament coil inside the ceramic bowl piece and vaporize the contents.



This globe vaporizer is extremely efficient and the bowl piece is easy to get at and fill. However it is suggested that you use something non-metal to fill the bowl as metal contact to the filament can cause a short. Luckily The Gentleman comes with two extra ceramic bowl pieces as no matter what they will eventually burn out. Especially if you are loading them with HUGE dab hits.


Using a globe vaporizer attachment like this will draw a lot more power from your E-pen so make sure that you have it fully charged before each session or taking it anywhere just to be on the safe side.




Don’t get ripped off!

While these are great attachments to add to your cannabis tool chest please don’t get ripped off. I have seen these globe vaporizers at collectives and dispensaries for $40 bucks or more which is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE especially when you consider that with constant use they won’t last more than 4 – 6 months… max.

You can however get these off Amazon or Ebay for $10 – $15 bucks with an E-pen included. Though they don’t always come with extra ceramic bowls.




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