July 24, 2012

Quick Germination

Germinate Cannabis Seeds with this Quick method…


Step 1: Place seeds on two sheets of good quality paper towel and soak with water. The paper towel should be damp but not over saturated with water.


Step 2: Fold up the paper towels and place inside a plastic (zip-lock) bag. 


Step 3: Place germinating cannabis seeds in a cool, dark place for 2-7 days at a temperature around 78F (25C).


Step 4: After seeds have sprouted and the white tap roots are exposed. Plant root tip down in your selected medium with the shell 1/4″ to 8mm below the surface.


Finally, keep planted seeds under a vegetative light set to a 24 hours ON schedule. Maintain humidity at 75% or above and at a temperature of 68F to 75F (27C).



Seeds can take 24 hours to 2 weeks to germinate though 5-7 days is normal. Once your seed has sprouts and shows its first set of leaves, its officially in the seedling stage. Keep your vegetative CFL light as close as 3 inches (8cm) from your seedlings.

If you are planting directly into soil make sure that you DO NOT plant your germinated seeds directly into super soil or any other medium with added nutrients. Plant seeds in soil mixes which specifically for “Seeds or Cuttlings” if unsure.


Note: Germinating Cannabis seeds outlined in method above will speed up your entire growing process by a few days. However healthy and viable cannabis seeds (less than 3 years old) can be planted directly into moist soil or rockwool without any extra steps.


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