February 23, 2012

Get a Spore Syringe

If you want to grow cannabis you YOU NEED SEEDS. But, to grow magic mushrooms you need sporesLucky for us spores are easy to purchase online arriving in what is known as a spore syringe. 


Spore Syringes

Spore SyringeYour spore syringes needs to come from a reputable source. Mushrooms are hypersensitive to contaminants. Dirty syringes will cause your shroom cakes to get infected and turn green making them unfit for ingesting unless you want a really bad trip. Research spore suppliers and check reviews online before deciding to order. 




Buy Mushroom SporesThe Hawks Eye

One of the longest operating providers of sacred magic mushroom spores the Hawks Eye has been around for over 9 years. This fact is easy to understand as the Hawks Eye always delivers excellent quality spore syringes at very reasonable prices.

Don’t let the bare-bones website fool you. The Hawks Eye is full of interesting information about the different varieties of mushroom spores available. Be sure to read and follow the site’s ordering guidelines before placing any orders.   

Visit The Hawks Eye Now!




This site ships worldwide, as other spore vendors may limit shipping to the USA only only. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate with a good selection of magic mushroom strains to choose from.

Prices are fair and you will get a discount with bulk orders. Spores101 seems to has very good customer service. They will, in nearly all cases, ship you a new spore syringe no questions asked, if for any reason your not satisfied with their products. 



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