July 3, 2013

Grasscity Black Leaf Bong Review | Buds McGee


This poor Black Leaf bong didn’t last more than 3 months. It is a pretty popular ice bong on the website Grasscity. They are one of the biggest online head-shops I have come across. They are a bit overpriced in my opinion however they are professional and you will receive your order on time as promised guaranteed.


The bong itself cost around $65 bucks US before shipping which was close to another $20 bucks. It was well packaged and arrived without any breaks or cracks which I was concerned about. It also came with screens, a glass stem and an ash catcher.

The black leaf bong worked great at first. When it was clean and packed with ice the black leaf bong would hit nice and smooth especially with the 3-arm percolator. However after a week or so the percolator started to get gummed up with resin along with the ash catcher. The ash catcher was a pain to clean and seemed to clog exceptionally easy.

My advice is to go with a larger more simple ice bong. Bigger because while the hits were smooth with the black leaf bong they weren’t the lung full size hits that I prefer. Keeping it simple would have made cleaning this thing that much easier but the percolator combined with the ash catcher not only gunked up quicker but was a challenge to clean. 


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