August 11, 2014

Seedsman Seed Bank Review – Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online

Seedsman is another one of many cannabis seed banks which has sprouted online in the past decade.

Here are the Seedsman order quick Stats:

  • Site Interface –   9/10
  • Strain Selection – Extensive!
  • Prices –   Avg. – High
  • Delivery Time –   FAST! (Time – 8 days in US)
  • Stealth Shipping –   Yes
  • Germination Rate –   75 % (6 out of 8)
  • Seed Quality –   Satisfactory
  • Free Seeds w/Order –  Yes (2x White Widow)
  • Worldwide delivery – Yes


Ordering from Seedsman

The site is easy to navigate, through many seeds, so I found the search function on the site helpful in finding the exact kind of cannabis seeds I was looking for. I planned on paying with bitcoin, however when I went to check out THE ‘pay with bitcoin’ option wasn’t there. I emailed them and they replied that bitcoin orders could be finished via email, by me sending them the order total then, then them blah replying with a bitcoin bill. I couldn’t be bothered to finish my order this way,  seamless integration of bitcoin into their checkout process isn’t there yet. So I ended up just using a regular VISA card, billed to an inconspicuous name.

Before I finished my checkout, I was asked by Seedsman if I wanted my package shipped ‘stealth’. The cost of doing this is about $15 or more, however Seedsman will guarantee that you get your seeds, and if for any reason you don’t,  Seedsman will ship you a new order, no questions asked. So I added the ‘Stealth’ option, more for peace of mind. My guess is however that regardless of stealth packing, your cannabis seeds have a optimal chance of safely arriving.


Seedsman Delivery

The day after I ordered, I got an email that my seeds had been shipped. Close to a week later, close to 8 days, I had my package.

seedsman seeds


The Seeds

barneys SeedsThe Barney’s farm is located in Amsterdam. The Seed Pack has three seeds only and all of them germinated. The strain is a (Feminized) Sativa-Dominant Auto-Flowering seed named ‘Tangale Rapido’ which is supposed to finish in 70 days or less.

Because this strain is a cross of Tangerine 13 and Ruderalis,  it not only flowers automatically but finishes with higher amounts of CBD or Canabidol. The plant yields anywhere from 25gm – 50gm of cured herb and grows to a height of 60cm – 70cm. 

The strongest germinated seed was chosen, planted and grown to about 2 weeks into the vegetative state where it was given as a present to a medical marijuana patient.

Barney's Seeds Rapido in Veg


Seedsman Auto KushAs Far as the Seedsman brand seeds, the seeds did not fare as good as the Barney’s brand. Out of a pack of 5x seeds (Auto Kush), two of the seeds failed to germinate. All of the Barney’s seeds were large and robust, while in the Seedsman pack, one of the seeds was extremely small, which ended up being one of the of the two that did not sprout. The free white widow seeds were not tested, however there is discussion online that they not always of the highest quality. 

Seedsman however does package their seeds in hermetically sealed bags which should dramatically extend the length their cannabis seeds seeds can be stored. 

See More Seeds – Visit: Seedsmans


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