December 20, 2013

Cannabis Concentrates – RICK SIMPSON Oil – Basic Introduction

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO for short is fast becoming one of the most sought after and popular derivatives of Cannabis. Its wondrous therapeutic and medicinal value has continued to change the opinion of skeptics and earned the respect of patients who swear by its ability to cure or relieve conditions without the harmful side-effects associated with pharmaceuticals. Often Rick Simpson Oil is turned to only after a person has exhausted all other available options for traditional drug treatments.

Affectionately named after the man, Rick Simpson, who only relatively rediscovered the amazing healing power of cannabis when processed it into an essential oil. After his own healing experience with his homemade cannabis oil, he worked to spread and publicize the methods for making the oil as well using it to treat others. Thanks to the Internet documentary titled “Run From the Cure“, which Simpson produced with filmmaker Christian Laurette, hundreds of thousands of people have been able to learn about cannabis oil treatment.


Is cannabis oil all the same?

While the term ‘cannabis oil’ can be a blanket statement to mean any type of oil with cannabis extract into it. Rick Simpson Oil generally refers to the process of using a solvent to strip the cannabis plants of their essential oils and resins. making it just one of many different types of cannabis oil. The process of making RSO often also employs the use of low steady heat as a means of evaporating and purging off solvents, leaving just essential cannabis oil.

While you can get RSO made from many different types of solvents. Each with its own characteristics, benefits and drawbacks, I recommend Rick Simpson Oil that has been processed using only organic buds a high proof organic grain alcohol. Other non-natural solvents such as hexane or naptha are themselves very carcinogenic and while ‘if’ properly purged should not cause adverse effects. It should be noted that there will always be residual solvent residues left in the oil and not all solvent manufactures and RSO makers have the same levels of experience, quality and or purity of product.



What are the benefits of using a highly toxic and carcinogenic solvent to make my Rick Simpson Oil?

One of the main benefits of using non-natural vs. natural solvents is that they strip out less of the chlorophyll and other fats, lipids and plant waxes, leaving a more refined amber colored oil. Too many impurities and chlorophyll will leave your oil dark, much more viscous and harsh tasting, at even higher levels too much chlorophyll can become toxic. There is also the question of polar vs non-polar solvents. As using a polar natural grain alcohols means more chlorophyll and other water soluble non cannabinoid ingredients along for the ride and present in your oil.

Most of the therapeutic benefits of oil made using a highly carcinogenic solvent can be matched by natural alcohols by use of filtering and or using only high quality organic bud material when making the oil. Because chlorophyll is highly soluble in alcohol it will remain in residual amounts in your oil at higher levels. Though many patients report that they prefer the RSO processed with organic alcohol solvents which contain higher amounts of chlorophyll. This may be due to the fact that the chlorophyll itself may be contributing to the medicinal effects of cannabis.



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