January 18, 2014

5 Cannabis Books you should READ before the Apocalypse

These cannabis books are a must read for any smoker or grower.

If you are just learning to grow or you are a well established ganja cultivator, at least one of these cannabis books should find a nice place to stay in your home library. This list of cannabis books is meant to blend and compliment one another. Once the zombie apocalypse hits it is not going to be easy or perhaps nearly impossible to get these books. So find them now and read up!



#1 | Marijuana Grow Basics: The Easy Guide for Cannabis Aficionados

Written by prolific grower Jorge Cervantes this book serves as a practical and easy guide for beginners who have no idea on where to start. This book focuses on designing and building affordable grow set-ups on different budgets for your personal needs. Filled with tons of color photos and illustrations it details more than 100 cannabis setups. This book is easy to read and gives good step by step information without getting too technical. Unlike a lot of other cannabis books this one is generally well organized and hits on all topics critical to successful growing: grow set-ups, seeds, seedlings, cloning, mother plants, early sexing as well as trimming, drying, curing and dealing with pests.

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#2 | Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

Also penned by prolific grower turned author Jorge Cervantes this book has served as one of the most comprehensive books on marijuana horticulture for more than 3 decades. Simple known by growers as ‘the bible’ this is one of those must have cannabis books that will serve you tried and true as the go-to reference guide/encyclopedia on nearly every topic of cannabis growing A to Z.

If you are a beginner then I recommend using this book in conjunction with his first book mentioned above. I wouldn’t suggest relying on this book solely to get through a first time grow.

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#3 | Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

Written by another superstar cannabis cultivator and teacher Ed Rosenthal whose life could be it’s own book. This grower’s handbook shows both novice to advanced growers how get the most out of their gardens, growing the biggest most dank resinous and potent buds! Ed Rosenthal has been teaching people how to grow marijuana for more than 30 years and explains the latest knowledge, tools, technology and methods for growing the best marijuana indoors and out.

Often cannabis books are aimed at either beginners, intermediate or more advanced growers however this is one of the few books that can deliver on many different levels and still keep the reader engaged. After you read this book your technical knowledge of growing as well as your scientific understanding of cannabis and it’s effect on the human mind and body will be at full tilt.

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#4 | True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors

Pretty much the only organics grow guide that shows you how to convert an existing grow room or start an all-natural and synthetic-free cannabis garden. In an age when the term ‘organic’ is thrown around without thought and put on product labels simply for marketing and making money this book cuts to the core of the what ‘going organic’ really means. The book gives readers the knowledge for building soils that are truly living with beneficial bacteria, fungus, and microbes that actively promote the growth and health of your cannabis plants.

Though no one said going organic would be easy this book promotes not simply organics but a shift in the mindset of the grower. Growing organically requires arguably some careful planning and even more attention to detail. Instead of simply buying synthetic fertilizers you will learn how to make your own composts, grow spikes and brew your own organic teas.

Usually going organic will not only give you tastier more robust buds but will also save you money in the long run. This is also one of the few cannabis books that will reach into other areas of learning to garden and grow plants in general.

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#5 | Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine

While not written about the subject of growing this book is a powerful source for understanding the medicinal benefits of cannabis and is indispensable source of information for killing the dangerous myths, misconceptions and lies that continue to swirl around this amazing plant.

Written by some of the most eminent researchers and scientists of cannabis, you will come away with a new found respect of this plants healing properties.

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