May 10, 2014

Bitcoin Seed Store Review | Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Bitcoin seed store review

The Bitcoin Seed Store is really the only place on the net (I’ve seen) dedicated to ordering cannabis seeds with Bitcoin. The process of ordering seeds with Bitcoin is simple, anonymous and easy.

Once you get over the hump of actually getting Bitcoin, you’ll love using it. However the fact of the matter is unless you have a lot of extra bitcoin laying around (which most of us don’t) it can be noticeably more expensive than say, using a credit card to order seeds. 


Bitcoin Seed Store Specs

  • Store Location – United Kingdom
  • Founded – 2014
  • PaymentBitcoin, Potcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Maxcoin
  • Delivery–  Shipped via Royal Mail and received in 8 days after ordering.
  • Stealth –  Boxed DVD Case
  • Extra Goodies – No extra Seeds (Granted the order was only one seed to begin with). However a package of Trinidad Moruga was included.
  • Seed Germination – Positive Verification


Prices | FAIR – You get better prices if you are looking at REGULAR seeds VS getting an auto-flower or feminized variety. All seeds are priced in British Pounds. Also factor in the cost of converting money into Bitcoin (which depending can be a challenge) and things can start to add up.

Website | The Bitcoin Seed Store site is straight forward with a utilitarian feel. Searching for seeds is a bit clunky since there is no search bar or any way to search using multiple keywords. Searching is done via categories with attached options to display results: Low Vs High price, Alphabetical, User Rating, Breeder.



At this point you are going to be paying more for the convenience and anonymity of using Bitcoin. However this fact is one of the best aspects. Once you realize how easy and even fun it is to buy things with Bitcoin, it will only make you wish that more people and businesses used it.

But if you are ordering cannabis seeds for the first time or not interested in Bitcoin then this seedbank is not for you. There are many other quality seedbanks like Seedsman or Nirvana with excellent genetics, better pricing and a much larger selection. 


Visit – Bitcoin Seed Store


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