July 7, 2016

How to make Hash Oil with Everclear

Before we get started: Please note that making hash oil with Everclear can be extremely dangerous. This how to make hash oil guide takes no responsibility for injuries or harm caused by following it’s instructions. DO NOT attempt to make hash oil unless you have taken proper precautions and understand the dangers.

Now that we have that out of the way… lets get started,



How to Make Hash Oil with Everclear – Article Contents

What is Hash Oil and What is it Good For?

Even long time smokers can get confused with the term ‘hash oil’ which can apply to many different types of products and can come in many different forms.

Hash oil in the basic sense of the term means harvesting the cannabis plant’s essential oils and resins into a highly concentrated substance. This is done using a ‘solvent’ and different solvents all have their positive and negative attributes. Depending on the solvent and process, hash oil makes for a versatile product that can be smoked, eaten, vaped or even turned into a rub for sore muscles.

Because hash oil is so concentrated, it can be consumed at potencies much higher than in you were smoking cannabis in flower form.

Why use Everclear/Ethanol?

In this how to make hash oil guide we’re using Everclear which for a home hash oil extraction is somewhat easier to work with and is much less toxic than synthetic/industrial solvents like hexane or naphtha. Your also less prone to making your house explode than if you were using butane, which is one of the most popular solvents to make popular hash oils known as ‘wax’ or ‘shatter’.

For someone new to making hash oil, using Everclear (which is essentially ethanol) its a proper good choice. Some drawbacks to Everclear is that it is a polar solvent that is water soluble, meaning it will strip off more of the plants chlorophyll and other impurities into the oil vs other solvents.

This isn’t, in all cases a BAD THING. Some people prefer to have some chlorophyll left in their oil, not TOO much though. Also, if you don’t know where your bud came from or how it was grown, it could have been sprayed with a chemical which could be stripped out into your oil. Again, this is a great reason, if you want to make oil, to start GROWING YOUR OWN BUD!

How much and what kind of cannabis bud should I use?

In reality you can use any quality of bud or trim which is one of the benefits of making oil, though the most potent oil will come from high grade bud. Using Everclear you should get approximately around 10-15% oil from the bud. This means for 10 grams of bud, you’ll get about 1 to 1.5 grams of oil.

Again, organic bud is best too as you don’t want to pull any unnecessary impurities into your oil. The cannabis buds in this how to make hash oil guide were from an organically grown Northern Lights (Indica) Autoflower plant. The finished buds were on the fluffy side and didn’t really ‘look great’ though they were still nice to smoke and got you well faded.

What materials do I need to get started?

First your going to want to your hands on some Everclear. If you can’t find any in your area then you can order some corn alcohol online through one of these two suppliers (West coast, http://organicalcohol.com/store/ |East coast, http://www.winechateau.com/) shipped to your home.

close bud shotNext you’ll want a least 7 grams of, cured, decent organic bud (Remember, you should get around 10-15% of this weight back in oil). The cannabis you use can be straight bud (for highest quality oil) or trim/sweet leaf (lower quality).


Followed by:

  • Sieve
  • Large Coffee Filter, Cheesecloth or Cotton Shirt
  • Stainlesss Steel Bowl (3qt. used in this guide)
  • Saucepan/Pot (3qt. used in this guide)
  • Glass jar with lid
  • Syringes/ Silicone Storage Container
  • Chopstick (for stirring) – Optional
  • Temperature Gauge (for more precise temperature control) – Optional

hash oil with everclear items

How to Make Hash Oil with Everclear – 8 Step Guide

Step 1) Place your bottle of Everclear into the freezer as well for 8 or more hours.


drying-leaf-at-200f11Step 2) Next you will want to remove as much of the remaining moisture in your cured bud material even further by spreading it on a baking sheet and heating it at 200F in an oven until just the bud is frangible enough that when rolled between your fingers and thumb, it easily crumbles. This process should take roughly 20 to 25 minutes in the oven.


Step 3) Place the amount of cannabis you wish to turn to oil into a glass jar. A wide mouth mason canning jar was used in this guide. Next take some scissors and cut the cannabis into small pieces (if needed). Once your finished, put the lid on the jar and place into the freezer for 2 or more hours.


Step 4) Take your jar of cannabis out from the freezer along with the bottle of Everclear. Pop off the jar’s lid and pour in Everclear until your bud is barley covered with liquid. Screw the lid back onto the jar, shake vigorously, then place back into the freezer for 3 minutes.


Step 5) Place your coffee filter/etc into the sieve and place over a stainless steel bowl that will collect your liquid. Take the jar containing the Everclear and bud out of the freezer an pour off the liquid into the coffee filter. If your filter is large enough, you can carefully dump everything out. Let the material and liquid drain by itself first. After which you can wrap up the filter and squeeze out the remaining liquid. Its a good idea to double up on your filter in-case while squeezing out any last liquid the filter wants to tear. The liquid collected will have a slight green tinge.

pour your liquid


NOTE: You can repeat this process with the same bud to get a second extraction. If you do a second extraction note that it will not be a potent as the first extraction, but more sedative. A third extraction is also possible. You can mix all these extractions together, or separate and process them individually. Mixing the extractions will dilute their individual properties, however you will come away with more oil and will not have to process different batches of oil.

non boiled oil

Step 6) Once you have let all your extraction liquid run off and collect into a stainless steel bowl, you will need to boil off the remaining Everclear. To do this, place the stainless steel bowl with the collected extracted liquid/oil into a pot 2 to 3 inches of water, and in effect make a double boiler. Heat the bottom pot up and bring the water inside to a boil.

Once the water in the bottom pot begins to boil (212F) the liquid inside you top stainless steel bowl will begin to bubble, and the ethanol will begin to boil off, leaving you with with hash oil. As the ethanol boils off, lightly stir the liquid, but don’t hold your head over the bowl or breath in any fumes. Make sure a exhaust fan is on or you have a way of venting out any fumes. By not being careful and accidentally breathing in too much of the ethanol fumes, you can quickly become intoxicated and even pass out entirely.

I shouldn’t have to say this but DONT have any open flames around while you are doing this either, ethanol vapor is flammable. So be careful, as this is the most dangerous part of the process.


Step 7) Once the ethanol begins to finish boiling off, your oil should now be drastically reduced in size. As the last of the ethanol leaves your oil you will be left with a gooey amber substance in the bottom of the bowl. From here you may see some very tiny bubbles. Watch for these last tiny bubbles which are any last remaining moisture left in the oil.


Step 8) Turn off your stove and let the bowl cool for a few minutes. After which you can scoop your hash oil into a silicone holder, made for holding wax or shatter. Or you can use a syringe suck up the oil.

Now your done!

You have successfully made your own hash oil with Everclear. The wax you have made is perfect for taking dabs, spreading on top of a green bowl of bud or used in cooking edibles. But be careful! Your oil will be very potent, even if you are using lower quality bud or trim. So take it slow to start…


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