July 21, 2016

How to Make the Easiest CFL Grow Lights

Learn how to build easy CFL grow lights with just a few simple parts.


CFL (Compact Flourecent Lights) can be found and bought almost anywhere and are a great lighting option for closet growers or beginners looking to get their green thumb.


If you are considering starting a small garden but don’t have a lot of cash to spend on grow lights, CFL grow lights are great way to bootstrap your own grow using limited resources.


So how do I build easy cheap CFL grow lights?…

The basic framework of this type of grow light is very simply and all you need are few basic parts. Once you understand the basic premise of how to build a CFL grow light with these basic parts, you’ll be able to adapt future CFL grow light setups to suit your own individual growing needs.


CFL grow lights supplies

Basic Parts to Build and Easy CFL Grow Light

Watch the Video & See how these Parts are Put together

Most of the CFL grow lights built this way start around $30 bucks. Of course the more adapters and lights you add to your setup, the more expensive your fixture becomes. You can see below that the CFL grow lights directly below successfully grew 2x plants well through the vegetative state.

Veg Front shot 1


Side shot Veg 

Next are pictures of the same basic parts, only reconfigured into a new lighting setup used to flower the same 2x plants. This time however, the CFL bulbs were augmented with a small LED grow light.

Flow shot 2 hoz


Flow shot 4 vert


One of the keys of this method is using the various types of CFL adapters to achieve your desired lighting goals. There are plenty of places your can pick these up: Local hardware store, Amazon or Ebay, which is generally the cheapest but takes the longest to get since they are mostly shipped from china. 


What I love about this platform is that by using different types of light socket adapters and power strips, you can quickly and easily arrange the CFL bulbs in a multitude of different ways for effective growing.

And Because everything you need is pretty inexpensive, you really have no excuse NOT to START GROWING!


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