August 23, 2013

Marijuana Pen Vaporizer – A safer way to Smoke

The company OpenVape is taking the medical cannabis industry to whole new levels with a new pen vaporizer which uses disposable cartridges filled with hash oil. 



And not just any hash oil, no these are filled with oil which has been extracted with CO2. Yes that silly stuff we breath out and all plants need to grow. Because the oil is extracted with CO2 there are no harmful residues or heavy metals which can sometimes be found in other hash oils which use butane or propane as a solvent.

 The CO2 oil is vaporized by a small heating element in the cartridge. Because the oil is vaporized there are no tars or carcinogens which means NO damage to your lungs. The cartridges are easy to swap out say if you want to go from an vaping a sativa like Trainwreck to an indica such as Northern Lights.



The effects come on extremely quick with highs that are noticeably more clear than hazy. When you inhale, the bottom of the pen lights up to let you know that you are inhaling vapor. You can take up to a 7 second hit from the pen vaporizer before the lights at the bottom begin to blink and the heating element shuts off.

One of the best aspects of the CO2 pen vaporizer is that it is very indiscreet and is easy to whip out and take a few puffs without anyone caring to notice. The vapor is surprisingly tasty and any smell quickly dissipates. When the penvape battery gets low you simply screw on a USB adapter and plug it into the closest USB port.


Are Pen Vaporizers the Future?

When I puff on the pen vaporizer I definitely feel like I am somewhere in the future. While I don’t think that smoking bud with an open flame will ever be entirely replaced by vaporizing. I do think that a large majority of “smokers” in the future will eventually smoke less and vaporize more.


What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below…


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