October 28, 2015

Nirvana Seeds – Order Review | Cannabis Seed Bank

Nirvana Seeds

Here at GamerChronic we’ve had the pleasure reviewing a number of different online cannabis seed retailers, with Nirvana seeds standing out as a good choice for anyone looking to grow on a budget.

After searching through the Nirvana Seeds site for a bit you will quickly realize the prices for all their seeds are set at very uniform prices, with packs of cannabis seeds running you no more than $35 dollars, feminized seeds or otherwise.

All orders also come with a complimentary freebie pack of 10 mixed (unknown) seeds. It’s a nice touch, but don’t hold your breath on finding anything truly chronic here. These free seeds can however be a nice way to practice planting and starting cannabis plants if you are new to growing.




Nirvana Order Breakdown

  • Order Speed – 9 days total from order to delivered (No tracking on US orders)
  • Packaging – Stealth (No extra cost)
  • Seed Order – Northern Lights Autoflower ( Package of 5x Seeds)
  • Total Cost – $33
  • Cost per Seed – $6.60
  • Seed Quality – good
  • Germination Rate – 100%
  • Free Seeds – Yes, 10x (mixed & unknown)

Visit Nirvana Seeds! 


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