August 14, 2014

Stocked up on Soylent? The DIY Meal Replacement for the Apocalypse

Soylent is an an open source nutritional drink developed by a software engineer who seems to have hated cooking. See what what he did was research the exact daily nutritional requirements for the average human to create a perfectly balanced meal/powder that you basically mix with water and drink.

Drink Make Soylent


Tell me more about this Soylent…

Soylent is meant to provide all your nutritional needs including vitamins, minerals, calories, protein and fats, distilled down into a do-it-all drink (new concept?). But because the project is open source, you can hack and tweak your own Soylent recipe, which fits your own exact nutritional needs. Go signup at DIY Soylent, where you can look at literally hundreds of Soylent recipies made by other users.

Most of the recipes on DIY Soylent are linked to amazon, which allows you to easily order all the ingredients and start making your own Soylent at home. The site breaks the prices down so you know how much it will cost you per-day to be nourished by your drink creation. 

Mix and Drink

Consider the ‘CrossFit PR Juice‘ recipe, it costs around $300 bucks and can feed you for 45 days (roughly $6 bucks a day). That is with close to 2500 calories a day and with over 180 grams of protein. Two important elements when killing zombies and staying alive during the apocalypse, as kicking ass requires plenty of calories and protein. Compare that with other emergency food storage options, and things can get expensive quickly. And that’s without even providing the same nutritional equivalents, calorie for calorie. Heads up though, none of this has been evaluated but the FDA, though cannabis hasn’t either. 

The prep time on Soylent takes less than 5 minutes, if that, though I’m not going to be consuming Soylent for the taste and I’m not about switch over 100% to this DIY drink, as I do love good food.  But its interesting to know that when preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, a 60 to 100 days supply of Soylent is a good backup option.


Soy Dink

What if I don’t want to make my own, can I just buy Soylent?

Yes, you can order your own Soylent from the companies website. However when you order Soylent direct you only get the original recipe which is more suited to the nutritional equivalent of sitting behind a computer all day, not cracking zombie skulls.


Make your Own Soylent Recpie –


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