November 20, 2012

‘The Attitude’ Cannabis Seed bank – Full Review


Attitude Seed bank



The Attitude seed bank is one of the largest and most popular seed banks on the net with a solid reputation.


The attitude seed bank is a venerable online cannabis seed bank superstore. They have their hands on almost any type of strain you can think and buy from some of the most sought after breeders in the world.


There are always promotions going on which makes it easier to find some damn straight deals. The site is easy to navigate and ordering is smooth. The attitude seed bank ships fast and you most always get some free seeds with your order.


Another important  detail about the attitude seed bank is that they have an actual customer service phone number that you can actually call or simply email them if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

 Visit – The Attitude 

  • Site Interface – 8/10
  • Prices – Spendy
  • Delivered – Yes (Time – 8 days)
  • Germination Rate – 100%
  • Free Seeds w/Order – Yes
  • Worldwide delivery – Yes
  • Stealth Shipping – Yes
Attitude Seed Bank | Indoor Beginner Strains
The Dutch Passion Taiga is a NEW hybrid that grows fast and produces compact marijuana plants perfectly suited for compact indoor growing.  Even novice cannabis growers are guaranteed not to fail in getting a quality yield. Taiga marijuana seeds do not need any special fertilization regimes producing 25-30 grams of quality cannabis per plant. In 8-10 weeks and you will be enjoying a big buds that pack a smooth smoke and a powerful buzz.



  • To buyers in the USA! Some buyers in the states have reported getting their seed orders from ATTITUDE confiscated by customs. This has happened in a higher proportion of seed orders that pass through the customs centers in Chicago and or Los Angeles.
  • Attitude carries many strains by obscure breeders. These seeds are marketed heavily toward new and/or inexperienced growers. Be careful and check which breeder your seeds come from as Attitude does not have the resources to check every breeders seed quality. As a precaution stick with well-known strains and trusted breeders.

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