November 27, 2014

Marijuana Seed Shop – Order Review – Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

marijuana seeds shop

The Marijuana Seed Shop gets right to the point when they claim to have over a million satisfied customers, and after this review, they can happily add one more to their list. 

Ordering Online from the Marijuana Seed Shop

While the prices of this site’s seeds are perched on the high side, ordering from the Marijuana Seed Shop is a very positive experience and the quality of their seeds makes it worth it in the long run. They have a solid selection of strains, speedy worldwide stealth delivery as well as a living breathing customer service department. Which is great to know, in case something happens.

While details about their seed’s breeders remains anonymous, Marijuana Seed Shop vouches that the relationships they have with their breeders has been cultivated and sustained for years, and in addition, they routinely check their seeds quality and germination rates.

The Marijuana Seed Shop has over 130 strains to choose from, with the option of ordering most strains in either the regular, feminized or auto-flowering variety.

There are plenty of great beginner strains like Northern Lights, Durban Poison  or one of my favorites the Afghan. Be sure to check the strains grow difficulty so that it matches your own skill and grow experience (like the Aussie Blues). One nifty page on the site is the Seed Comparison chart.


Aussie Blues Description


Marijuana Seed Shop Order Stats

  • Time – Order to Delivery: 7 days
  • Tracking Added: Yes (Only Shown as ‘Being Delivered’ for USA)
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Stealth: Yes
  • Seed Prices: High
  • Seed Quality: Excellent
  • Free Seeds: Yes – 20 Seeds (with every order)
  • Germination Rate for Order: 100%
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash, Western Union, Credit Card, TransferWise/Bank Transfer


Guaranteed Delivery

One thing that sets the Marijuana Seed Shop apart from other online seed banks is that they guarantee the delivery of your seeds, at no extra cost to you. If you order does not arrive, the Marijuana Seed Shop will re-ship your order. Though according to them, this rarely happens. They are able to do this because every order is tracked and they are able to ascertain whether the package actually arrived or not. 


Customer Service Experience

When this order was made, if you paid with Bitcoin, the Marijuana Seed Shop offered the choice of either shaving 30% off the final order price OR the option of receiving and extra 20 seeds, on top of the extra 20 free seeds that come with every order anyway. The option that was chosen was to add an extra 20 seeds for ordering with Bitcoin, for a final total of 40 extra (mixed) seeds.

30 percent off with bitcoin

However, when the order arrived it ONLY contained 20 extra seeds, not 40. The Marijuana Seed Shop was immediately notified of the mistake and via the purchaser’s request, they promptly switched the absent free seeds for the other option of 30% off final price. This amount was then immediately refunded to the customers Bitcoin address. Customer service from the Marijuana Seed Shop was very quick and very professional.


Seed Quality

SS Seeds from Marijuana Seed Shop

In this picture you can see some Lemon Skunk seeds from the Marijuana Seed Shop order. They have just sprouted into fresh baby cannabis seedlings. They are no more that a couple days old.

All of these seeds were simply planted directly in moist soil and sprouted themselves without the need to germinate them first using the paper towel method. They all breached the soils surface within 3 days. 

Translation, these marijuana seeds were all very viable and healthy.


Super Skunk up Close

Here is a Lemon Skunk seedling that has been planted with super soil. Watch it grow! 

Visit – The Marijuana Seed Shop

Tips & Safety – Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online


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